'The Shape of Water' leads Oscar pack with 13 nominations

ABC News' Chris Connelly breaks down the 2018 Oscar nominations as well as snubs and surprises.
2:50 | 01/23/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The Shape of Water' leads Oscar pack with 13 nominations
Oscar nominations just an hour away and ABC's Chris Connelly is here with our guide to the top contenders and, Chris, hundreds of new Oscar voters this year. That could shake things up. Good morning. That could make a big difference. Eager to see in just about an hour how new voters and exciting filmmakers might upend old academy narratives starting with one much talked about category. And here are the all male nominees. This morning's Oscar nominations don't figure to go the way of the globes. The best director nomination is expected for "Lady bird's" Greta Gerwig. Possibly Dee Rees of "Mudbound" or "Wonder woman's" Patty Jenkins as well, each best picture con ternsdz as well. How sandsome is he. Reporter: "Get out" director Jordan Peele could expect to learn a nomination of his own with 774 new academy voters in the mix for 2018, said to be younger and more diverse, in gender, ethnicity and geography in years past, more inclusive group of nominees may be the result. The aim of the academy's membership initiative in the wake of 2016's oscars so white protest. Timothee chalamet and Daniel kaluuya figure to be among the fresh faces putting pressure on Tom Hanks and Daniel day-lewis. James Franco. Reporter: As will also be on James Franco, the globes comedy musical actor winner saw the allegations of misconduct against him go public in the los Angeles times the day before Oscar nomination voting ended. Thank you for your frankness. Reporter: Best actress won't have room for all of the standout work even the incomparable Meryl Streep passed over by the S.A.G. Awards will need to compete against saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie and supporting actress, that's the capital of Oscar speculation nation this morning with "mudbound"'s mighty Mary J. Blige in the mix. You just come back. I will. You come all the way back. Reporter: And could it be girls trip explosively funny Tiffany haddish. That's hand sanitizer. It burns. Reporter: Also on sight to announce the names of this morning's lucky nominees. And so who is about to have one of the best previousal mornings of her or his life? Perhaps while they're wearing pajamas. We are so close to finding out, guys. I love how you say that. Oh, my goodness. At the least we'll have Tiffany announcing the nominations so that's worth the price of admission. It always been but a lot of drama and excitement and surprises may be in store and welcome those. You think the new voters might shake it up. That's the hope all the way along. A lot of shaking up needs to be done. When you say who will be woken up? They're already awake sitting around waiting for the call. They're always in transit. Nervous they'll get called so always hard to find them sometimes. Thank you. Looking forward to having you

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{"duration":"2:50","description":"ABC News' Chris Connelly breaks down the 2018 Oscar nominations as well as snubs and surprises.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52543899","title":"'The Shape of Water' leads Oscar pack with 13 nominations","url":"/GMA/video/diversity-expected-2018-oscar-nominees-52543899"}