Divorce Lawyer Breaks Into Home: Caught on Tape

Lawyer was caught on surveillance tape breaking into home of client's husband.
3:35 | 03/15/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Divorce Lawyer Breaks Into Home: Caught on Tape
Now to that legal Rambo breaking into those clients husband's home. All caught on surveillance video the lawyer in the client raiding her husband's house. Had no idea of cameras were there catching at all he -- -- canning has much more. On this and you could tell they did not know there are -- yet you know I never say this but you just have to see more of this video is so good. Raymond -- Armin says he took drastic measures because his client claims she tried again and again to get her property back. But her estranged husband wouldn't give it to her and change the locks. The husband and all -- claims he was caught off guard believing a burglar was breaking into his home. He's the wild west divorce attorney gun. -- that -- was caught on surveillance video with his employees about to raid this New Mexico home. Their mission to get what his client said -- her belongings back from her estranged husband. Anthony stonecipher. Still -- -- first still inside leaves the house. But not before getting into a confrontation with -- aren't on the -- number one and cameraman yeah. I would assume that. They were thinking there would be no cameras in fact stonecipher had installed a number of security cameras around the property. And they catch -- -- and making his big move. Kicking the back door down. Along with -- valuable -- stonecipher he orders furniture to be moved out unity. -- down no trespassing signs takes legal papers off the desk. They even grabbed the cats and the New Mexico divorce attorney stands by his actions. I was personally. Angry with what he was doing to my client he was bullying her and dominating. I think -- And it's election. During the raid a -- timeout. Then -- and Melissa engage in an embrace that last nearly thirty seconds. -- -- Melissa was extremely upset by this sequence of events extremely upset and all I was trying to do. Was calm her down and reassure her. Then back to work. -- stonecipher drives by the house again but this time gets into it with -- aren't on trespassing. Really really -- -- used. I want work right now. -- I did -- by the -- -- just destroy private property a temporary domestic order was even posted on the front window stating Melissa needed to schedule a time to get her belongings. But then -- and clearly chose to take matters into -- own hands. I was beside myself that an attorney. -- people wounded. Just completely disregard the law and take matters into his own hands for his client like that. -- art and entered a plea deal on four criminal counts including property damage trust theft and larceny and ordered to pay 5000 dollars in restitution and serve thirty days in jail. And he's still allowed to practice -- for now but he could. Be disbarred potentially and that -- They say that they're just friends they share the same Dojo instructor the same -- don't show instructor -- -- martial -- or that that's Agnes. -- Thank you thank you.

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{"id":15926617,"title":"Divorce Lawyer Breaks Into Home: Caught on Tape","duration":"3:35","description":"Lawyer was caught on surveillance tape breaking into home of client's husband.","url":"/GMA/video/divorce-lawyer-breaks-home-clients-husband-caught-tape-15926617","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}