DIY Planters, Just in Time for Spring!

Matt Blashaw gives step-by-step instructions for making chic, rustic planters.
3:08 | 04/24/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for DIY Planters, Just in Time for Spring!
-- -- -- hosted yard pressures and I'm here to show you how to build a chic and colorful planter in your backyard. Considering -- first -- -- about 58 squares. Here were using LSD. -- -- plywood OSB whatever works for you here we made five squares. And then you wanna bolstered up with them one by material. So for the bottom we got four pieces of one by six and then a one by three that we just attached to the bottom that's just to give -- some strength. And -- get it up top of the concrete. Okay. In the forest sides. We got some one barbecue. OK in this one lives are going to be used. Homicides. As Naylor it's okay so -- -- these just like that saving room for the base in the bottom. And then -- see you once you -- onto the bottom. It's -- -- just like that's right. So we'll put it on both sides okay attaching all the way around so that's full force sites they really. It's going to look something like this. Okay. Could -- -- tested all the way around okay. Now for the inside who want to make sure that if -- we use a rubber seal it. It's great that -- -- -- all the way around and then drill for hole from the bottom. For drainage. Content making sure it's nice and water tight. And now we got to make him a view. To make it would pray we are going to use some reclaimed wood here. You can usually claim from everywhere make sure has some color mean there's so many different types of reclaimed out there -- -- just go -- people. Back yards and Barnes whatever it is really -- -- beautiful reclaimed wood that we're gonna use. In a Chevron pattern that's basically that defeat patter -- -- -- up with the one of the sides have and you want to. Score. A line down the middle of -- -- and then cut art pieces at a 45 degree angle. And in just -- -- that all the way up the sides. OK so it's a we did this straight here we get some greens and reds all the way up and then you wanna use they Brad Naylor. OK -- some blue -- attached to decide well. And in the end. This is what to solve it looks like the thought that you -- we'll. -- them. Like this. Stay nice and colorful all the way around compared. This one he is a nice little -- one by material. Part popped out for him to make it look nice and pretty much just like that. And then for the bottom. We -- put some things done. Can just forget it and half of the concrete and I and then plant as you will trees. Annual whatever you want just to give us some color and now we have colored inside of the -- you're gonna have. Colorful around your -- and -- your life.

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{"id":23463745,"title":"DIY Planters, Just in Time for Spring!","duration":"3:08","description":"Matt Blashaw gives step-by-step instructions for making chic, rustic planters.","url":"/GMA/video/diy-planters-time-spring-23463745","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}