DJ Khaled joins Weight Watchers

The social media star is joining the weight loss company as its newest social media ambassador.
2:16 | 01/03/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for DJ Khaled joins Weight Watchers
You can tell us about this collaboration, dj khaled and Oprah. We're used to him working with Justin Bieber, Jay-Z and folks like that but he is a big-time producer but shot to superstardom when he became known as the Snapchat king. Believed to be the first person to monetize Snapchat. Everybody has been coming after him, advertisers because they want his out audience which is now going to be able to watch him lose weight. Dj khaled. Reporter: Music producer dj khaled famous for his chart-topping collaborations. ??? I don't know if you can take it ??? Thank you to everybody that celebrated with us yesterday for my son's birthday party. Reporter: And even motivational speeches. Never give up. Never surrender. Put this money in your savings account. Reporter: Is now joining forces with none other than Oprah Winfrey. I like that. I like that. Reporter: The two entertainment titans have turned colleague, both working together on under weight watchers where dj khaled will document and share his body weight progress with his millions of followers on social media. Oprah welcomed the 42-year-old record labor exec saying welcome to the hashtag weight watchers freestyle. He put this photo with the caption the smile you make when Oprah tweets you. The folks at weight watchers are happy too after announcing their newest hire to the mass, their shares rose 8%. Oprah who owns a nearly 10% take with weight watchers joined the company back in 2015. I love bread. Reporter: And since then the former queen of daytime TV has earned about $300 million. Yep. All right. Look, folks, I've spent time with dj khaled over the years profiling him but I was at his home. He has this chef, personal chef and they made lunch for us. You know what we had, fried chicken wings. He opened a restaurant in Miami called finger licking. That's about fried chicken and now he's going to tell people to lose weight and it's fantastic. It's great but he's dedicated to it and know he's gained some weight. If he can do it. Anybody can absolutely do it. His following of young people. That's who weight watchers is after. They will follow. All right, all right, T.J.

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{"id":52112214,"title":"DJ Khaled joins Weight Watchers","duration":"2:16","description":"The social media star is joining the weight loss company as its newest social media ambassador.","url":"/GMA/video/dj-khaled-joins-weight-watchers-52112214","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}