D.L. Hughley Wants You to Trust Him

The comedian talks about his new show, "Trust Me, I'm a Game Show Host."
4:01 | 10/21/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for D.L. Hughley Wants You to Trust Him
You know, there is a reason that d.L. Hughley has been lurking all morning. Lurking. Our good friend. Our good friend. His television show, his standup comedy. Your award-winning stay with us on "good afternoon america." The emmy-award winning show last summer. A talented guy and a good friend of the program. He's broadening his horizons. Adding to the resume what we covet. The game show. It's called, "trust me, I'm a game show host." Let's take a peek. President john tyler. Born in 1790 has two grandsons alive today. Speaking of presidential offspring, the daughters of the president, that that shall and malia obama have the same middle name, athena. I'm too buzzy lusy lirking right now. You're both trotting out statement. One is true or one is false. They'll both sound plausible or both implausible. One of them is true. It was the only job I would lie to people's face and not be a con man. The white suit. Amazing. Thank you. Sit more fun, does the audience, I'm thinking they're like hysterical. Everybody thinks they know who is lying. Everybody has a sense they have a good b.S. Detector. It's hard to get your footing. One time I lie, one time he lies. It's hard to find out where we're going. There's a code. Don't you lie twice and then tell the truth? You would think. You would think. How is your detector. I'm pretty good. Come on over here, buddy. Pardon me while I -- take -- we're going to turn your own medicine on you. Here we go. What is that, man? You don't have a skinny mike and you have your own show? I have never seen that before. Sam, you got the first. The category, "good morning america." All right. Here you go, d.L. At least one "good morning america" anchor has been the subject of a crush on at least two sitcom episodes. Is that true or is this true? The roster of the original "good morning america" hosts included joan lunden, charles kurault, and mary hartman. Did you hear that? Mary hartman? Mary hartman, mary hartman is a show. Maybe if I had my skinny mike I would know. "Dancing with the stars." I don't want to hear this. Come on. You had such a great time. In season 16, you and andy dick provided comic relief every week doing things such as dancing the robot. Zip lining in as zorro, and not wearing pants. Or, by season 16, a total of three olympic medalists, three olympic stars and three soap opera stars have won a mirrorball trophy. Andy kept his pants on all the time. I'm going you're right. It's you. It is the -- when I lower the voice. It's the lower the voice. I was right. I was telling the truth. I'm going to say you're the liar all the time. You're a much better game show host than you are a contestant. "Trust me, I'm a game show host" premiers tomorrow night on tbs.

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{"id":20632992,"title":"D.L. Hughley Wants You to Trust Him","duration":"4:01","description":"The comedian talks about his new show, \"Trust Me, I'm a Game Show Host.\"","url":"/GMA/video/dl-hughley-hosts-game-show-trust-20632992","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}