Dog Saves the Lives of Family That Adopted Him

Rescued dog returns the favor and saves the lives of his new owners.
2:22 | 11/13/11

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Transcript for Dog Saves the Lives of Family That Adopted Him
About a family who saved the life of a dog named Hercules a dog who that very day turned around. And save this family run is back of that story and it hurt. Lisa is a Saint Bernard and he was found the week and now the terrorist Mal nourished in the woods and as -- -- -- ended up being taken in my family in Hillsboro Ohio. Lucky for Jimenez has turned out lucky for the -- Hercules -- -- he wrote Greek mythology. Poor man's best friend which named him Hercules when -- first gotten them. The reasons that I was his overall -- -- the United Center Hercules was saved from the county town beit -- and Elizabeth littler. Dog lovers who feared that he would be put down he wasn't adopted soon. I thought Hercules for the first time I've found -- that my initial thought was get him back up to health let's find him a good home. If anything to keep him from being -- -- 75%. Underweight. And says you looked awfully beat up. But just a few short hours after the -- -- rescued him. It was Hercules who was doing the rescuing after someone broken -- -- home. I opened the inside Norton. And he started growling it was really than usual because he -- part -- -- made much of any noises up until that point. Next thing I know he's ripping free in my hands and he's going through the screen door onto the backboard. Hercules apparently since the presence of the intruder. And before -- even that listeners knew what was going on he was chasing after him he jumped from the. -- To the other side of the basement. Following this guy that was going -- the defense. We got the fence circulated grabbed him by his ankle trying to pull off for the back into the -- -- -- in the guy does wrong. The intruder managed to escape but that -- sphere what -- happened at Hercules not been there. As for Hercules he's certainly earned his rewards nice bonus for a spot on the bed. And I think he definitely has a permanent home. -- adopted a dog. Six hours previous to the incident to have a mare defending you that -- resolve its it's amazing. There really is -- -- planned to take -- back to the pound to have someone else about them obsolete. Particularly well and he earned that name graduate it is a really really happen -- that is such a great story thanks Ron.

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{"id":14942349,"title":"Dog Saves the Lives of Family That Adopted Him","duration":"2:22","description":"Rescued dog returns the favor and saves the lives of his new owners. ","url":"/GMA/video/dog-saves-lives-family-adopted-rescued-animal-fights-burglar-ohio-home-us-14942349","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}