Dog vs. Dog Finals: Misa Minnie Crowned Top Dog

Misa Minnie, Nike and Brody battle it for the title of top dog.
2:48 | 06/21/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dog vs. Dog Finals: Misa Minnie Crowned Top Dog
For dog v. Dog. Of course, it is. You know this. Bring your dog to work day. No. And so, I thought we would have three. There were supposed to be three finalists here. It was going to be nike, misa minnie and brody. In the you cannot make this up department, brody, while getting on a plane, could not travel. There were some issues. So, brody couldn't join us today. Brody was the blanket-rolling -- oh, no. I liked that one. I did, too. I think brody had a thing with flying. It happens. On the eve of the final. And so, there can only be two today. So, you guys, go take your places, as we take a look, now, at misa minnie. Sam, you're with misa minnie. Lara, you're with nike. We'll show misa minnie bowling over the cups. With a beautiful cute in her hair. Did we see it? Here they are from irvine, california. See what misa minnie can do. The cups have been preset. The anticipation is just mounting. Oh. And oh. Take them all down. Take them all down. Misa minnie, everybody. Up against misa minnie, is nike, the basketball-playing dog. They came from providence. Here we go. Nike, your moment. Circle, circle. And go for the dunk. Come on. Dunk it. Oh, yeah. I mean, in honor of the heat, I dare say. I do say. This is the first time in three years we've had the dogs do the tricks. So, we are well in advance of years past. However, there can only be one winner. You voted, america. This is your champion. The champion of the dog versus dog competition is -- oh, yes. Misa minnie. Oh. There you go. There's your trophy. Congratulations, little darling. Here is -- this is for her, as well. Lots of treats. Congratulations. Did you know you had it in the bag? I didn't know it. Surprise for us. Congratulations. Nike -- nike, great job. You got it done. You did the trick. So -- everyone's a winner. We want to thank you everybody for logging on and voting. It will be dog versus dog time

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{"id":19455576,"title":"Dog vs. Dog Finals: Misa Minnie Crowned Top Dog","duration":"2:48","description":"Misa Minnie, Nike and Brody battle it for the title of top dog.","url":"/GMA/video/dog-tricks-video-dog-dog-contest-winner-revealed-19455576","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}