Doggie Fat Camp Fights Pet Obesity

Doggie Fat Camp director gives exercise, diet tips to help your pet lose weight.
2:06 | 01/26/12

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Transcript for Doggie Fat Camp Fights Pet Obesity
Joining us now as Patti Siegel the director of the -- fat camp one of the first in the country you have changed the lives of hundreds of dogs and need a couple of them right now first up -- everybody look at this before shop. Lucky and let's see lucky did I come -- -- -- -- -- -- Lucky -- -- five year old black -- next. He came into our program. And over ninety pounds which would definitely. Two different him. And he has been very successful he has lost over a ten pounds. Two point he's -- an -- over a quarter. You come -- okay so I will he has managed to keep off weight he has that he wants the way over and the past summer and was able to keep it off and maintaining the wait is very difficult. Just like any Dieter knows sometimes you can get the weight off -- to be able to keep it off. Is really struggled and there are a lot of similarities between what's looking at him. There's a lesson the -- who -- worries between humans and dogs in the fact that they need to. Watch the snacking track absolutely not -- members are handling and just like us they like the -- streets. But they need enough exercise to be able to work off those calories so absolutely treats -- big problem. And putting on weight on -- are able let's see Oliver because Oliver is one of your clients -- Well he's got he's got some work to do still come out Oliver where -- out there yeah all animals how -- -- I'll tell us about eight pounds during our camp it looks like eating out happening. He found some back -- -- -- -- little fat but Oliver is moving much better than he was before he's able to go upstairs. He wasn't able to do that before. And sell. He's still struggling. It's a journey for him not a destination for this weight loss for all of absolutely really quickly number one tip in caring for our dogs and keeping their weight -- I'm get them out for some wants to increase their exercise and watch those streets that they really will -- up there -- Patti Siegel Oliver lucky we thank you keep up the good work guys.

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{"id":15446695,"title":"Doggie Fat Camp Fights Pet Obesity","duration":"2:06","description":"Doggie Fat Camp director gives exercise, diet tips to help your pet lose weight.","url":"/GMA/video/doggie-fat-camp-fights-pet-obesity-15446695","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}