Doggie Fat Camp: Putting Dogs on a Diet

The Doggie Fat Camp whips pudgy pets into shape.
4:09 | 01/26/12

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Transcript for Doggie Fat Camp: Putting Dogs on a Diet
Now we -- to the battle to keep up the pounds and stay healthy for so many of us and our -- It's off a recent survives surveyed by their perhaps our dogs and cats are overweight so -- -- -- dropping keep off the week for guide. -- ABC's John Berman has the skinny. So charming -- still -- and so on G adorable -- so. Gosh obese. So furry so friendly -- so fast. Ten dogs -- month long doggie bags -- Who -- the biggest loser. Look he chased a ninety pound black lab who used to run around the horror Clinton now golf cart as a way that we get a -- He's chasing us now he sits on the are we looking Helms makes sugar and cost of 46. Point six. How much sugar -- -- -- for veterinarian is recommending she gets thirty pounds oh my goodness. She review you may have -- may have referred us to go. -- -- -- -- He is overweight and has been for quite some time for will only -- all of her Big Ten year old -- weighing in at 38 pound. Haven't been and it can't all you have a -- -- and a. It might not be boot camp but it is sort of fall camp at -- animals in in Moorestown New Jersey. These dogs are put through a -- this regime like he'd never seen. There's won't play. Which it first seems like group sit around like that lumps. Even the dog treadmills. Now this might all look a bit over the top but the obesity plague our pets he is way over the top about 54%. All dogs and cats and America are now classified as overweight or obese that equals about 93 million dogs and cats. It is a little bit of extra fitness to dogs kept -- a leaves this way it's gonna live about two to two and a half years longer -- Talk about dog years but what about Philip towns. He cheeks and the lab who began camp at ninety pounds and ninety pound Labrador -- like. Meet -- hundred extra pounds 230 pounds on me. Big but may be getting smaller and sugar hits the stairs she swims a laugh at all in -- -- enjoyed the trip here. We're building this is just because the eighteenth which is a problem because at home it's that faith -- them. The folks -- -- fruit and -- -- from traveling with kindness camps like this can cost about 200 dollars. They won't it's -- easy to hear might look different him what you do at home bit sedate and active life Smart diet. Meaning she has seen goals for weeks in the kids we had seen -- -- doggy massages and stretches doggy yoga and -- jumping. Shoes put it last it's time time for the final weigh it. First up it's -- 27 and a half. 84 point eight. At least six pounds two and a half inches off these -- is -- -- I saw him in the guru we lose that the children -- how sweet sugary impulsive. About half pound the pound respectively but proved a couple of inches off the waste -- mom is promising. Her 430. Giving them vegetables they like string beans and what about that -- lab mix puppy he lost both before. He's more active he's running incident just kind of trotting along and finally. All of -- about 24 and a half 35 point six. Almost -- pounds gone 7% of his body weight. And 200 plus three inches on your waist all of our you can fit into a former -- pants -- -- think. Hopefully the humans who takes care of them will be winters you for Good Morning America John Berman ABC news Moorestown new --

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{"id":15446743,"title":"Doggie Fat Camp: Putting Dogs on a Diet","duration":"4:09","description":"The Doggie Fat Camp whips pudgy pets into shape.","url":"/GMA/video/doggie-fat-camp-putting-dogs-diet-exercise-15446743","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}