Dolphins Stranded on Cape Cod Beach

Scientists are trying to save them and figure out how they ended up beached.
2:15 | 02/04/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dolphins Stranded on Cape Cod Beach
Why have more than 100 dolphins beached themselves on Cape Cod the -- on -- to save the dolphins that have come ashore and prevent more from following. ABC's TJ Winick is here with the story -- this has happened before TJ. That's right but never this bad it is a real mystery of nature for sure in the past two weeks 116. Dolphins have stranded themselves at least 81 of those did not survive. Why can't think. It's a frantic race against time rescuers struggled to save hundreds of dolphins stranded along the shores of he caught. As of right now where -- looking at about a 116. Since the twelfth of January we're not sure why the numbers continuing decline. One of the theories dolphins searching for food are getting caught in low tides which then pushed them to shore. Washing up along the rocky Massachusetts shoreline groups of as many as ten. -- the water level drops these animals can come ashore and become stranded. Hundreds of volunteers of leapt into action trying to save the stranded dolphins at the same time trying to prevent more from doing the same early signs indicate their strategy is working. Everyone in the back -- the -- out the back. International Fund for Animal Welfare has already rescued 31 dolphins outfitting them with satellite tags so -- -- track where they had been -- Right now we're at around 66%. Who released him awful beaches. Where -- it's steep quite quickly from all these signs that we've seen from this event. The satellite tags are very good. He caught is known for dolphin friendly waters -- visitors from all over. Going to get a peek at these friendly and highly intelligent creatures but -- now could be the largest single species stranding ever in the northeast. There is one very special patient that has a shot at new life. We head aches pregnant female dolphin that we were able to release it began doing there her health exam. And so now we discovered that the dolphin was pregnant and it's probably a third trimester. -- Animal welfare officials were actually in Washington yesterday to brief members of congress on this situation. One lawmaker called the stranding some troubling and tragic asking the government agency know what to get its best scientists on the case.

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{"id":15512525,"title":"Dolphins Stranded on Cape Cod Beach","duration":"2:15","description":"Scientists are trying to save them and figure out how they ended up beached. ","url":"/GMA/video/dolphins-stranded-cape-cod-beach-15512525","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}