Don Cheadle on Oscar Buzz Surrounding New Film 'Flight'

Oscar-nominated actor plays a hot-shot lawyer trying to defend a hot-tempered client.
3:00 | 10/15/12

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Transcript for Don Cheadle on Oscar Buzz Surrounding New Film 'Flight'
don cheadle is soaring into theaters this fall in the riveting new movie called "flight." The story is about an airline pilot, played by denzel washington, and his handling of an airplane crash. Here to talk about it is don cheadle. Good to have you here. This movie has one of the most stunning air disaster sequences I have seen since the movie "castaway." I don't think it will be on airplanes. It's something he's pioneered. And has a very -- he's very thoughtful at doing things like this. The movie about a pilot. He has a mid-flight emergency and crash-lands a plane in a field. He saved 100 lives. Six people on board are killed. Let's look at a clip from the movie right now. You're the lawyer called in to defend the pilot after the crash. Take a look. He specializes in criminal negligence. Criminal negligence? Death demands responsibility. Six dead on that plane. Someone has to pay. I flew the plane inverted. That means upside down. You know what that's like? I do. I heard the black box recordings last night. Oh. What do I need to know? The ntsb report collects blood and skin samples. An initial report shows you had alcohol in your system. It's a stunning premise. This pilot managed to do something that no other pilot could do. He saved 100 lives. But he was drunk and stoned on cocaine. I think my last pilot was in a similar condition. But yes, does he have to pay. Despite being impaired, he was able to do the impossible. My character would make the argument were he straight, he might not have been as intuitive and able to do what he did. Nobody is right down the middle. It's good. That's how people are. You said you saw the movie for the first time last night because you don't like to watch your own movies. Why? Ky watch it. I'm sitting there looking at things. I'm very critical. You can't enjoy it? I'm not objective. I say, why did they cruise that shot. That take? They shouldn't have put that in there at all. I need distance and look it at an audience member. This is not the first time you worked with denzel washington. He requested you for this role. I think it's because I had secrets on him. He knew he owed me one or I was going the spill. You're a busy man. You're going right back to "ironman 3." It was on hiatus for awhile because robert downey was jured. Is he okay? He's back he's back. We're going to finish up and then I go back to house of lies. You're such an enormously talented act por. You're wonderful in the movie. Coming up. Sam runs away and joins the circus. york

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{"id":17481122,"title":"Don Cheadle on Oscar Buzz Surrounding New Film 'Flight'","duration":"3:00","description":"Oscar-nominated actor plays a hot-shot lawyer trying to defend a hot-tempered client.","url":"/GMA/video/don-cheadle-movies-star-chats-oscar-buzz-surrounding-17481122","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}