Donald Driver Tackles World's Top Water Park

NFL and former "Dancing" star tackles the world's No. 1 water park.
3:00 | 08/17/12

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Transcript for Donald Driver Tackles World's Top Water Park
Here's a guy who has a fairly nice body to show off. He has a super bowl ring, a mirrorball trophy. But does donald driver have the nerves to take on the world's number one water park? We're going to speak with him live. First, we sent the green bay packer packing to texas for the ride of his life. I tackled the dance floor on "dancing with the stars." ♪ and the gridiron, well, that's my bread and butter. Touchdown, packers. At one of the most extreme water parks in america, I'm out of my league. ♪ 70 acres of chutes, tubes, slides, voted number one water park in the world for 14 years in a row. We're about to get extreme. Some crazy rides. I don't know what to expect. Meet my teammates on this adventure. My wife, my son, christian, and my two beautifuldaughters. First up, the master blaster. A rollercoaster on water. Seven stories high, shooting you up and down at 35 miles per hour. The number one water ride in america. About the ride the most extreme ride ever. And guess what. I'm scared. I'm scared. Let's go. I could ride this all day long. Now, this, this is more my style. Boogie board, on 50,000 gallons of water a minute. We're at the boogie bar. They're teaching me boogie ba boarding. Maybe I can get to national boogie boarding and make myself look good. So, stay tuned. Here goes. ♪ then, a completely different ball game. Something my produceres didn tell me about. Now, I see why. Over 60 miles per hour from 180 feet. Going to go all the way up there. You want to try it? No. Not at all. I'm crazy but not that crazy. The skycoaster, 180 feet high. No, no, no. We're not doing that. Watch it. I know. I'm watching. Oh, no. Got to catch my breath. Catch my composure. May have to do this. No, I'm not doing that. I'll make a little deal with them. Only way I'm going up e, I'm taking rich with me. Rich goes, I go. You ready? You ready? He ain't ready. He's not ready, either. He talked me into it. And after a confidence boost from my little man -- this is about to be crazy. But guess what. Anything for you, "good morning america." Here goes nothing. This is crazy. Why did I decide to do this? This is crazy. What is going on? Oh, lord have mercy. Finally, the moment of truth. Time to pull the rip cord. that is crazy. Who would do this? Who would do this? This is nuts. This is crazy. Got nothing on me. You next. Back on the ground, safe and sound. But I have a little score to settle with my producer. This is payback, baby. This is payback. Talked me into it. "Good morning america" want to see this. Okay. "Good morning america" want to see this. Payback, indeed. This time, I hold the camera. "Good morning america," don't ever have a producer come out with me. This is what I do to them. I challenge them. How much you want to bet -- he is shaking. Now, this, this is a good time. This is awesome. Yeah. This is awesome, baby. Now you feel how I feel. that's so good. Donald driver now joins us from green bay, wisconsin, where he is in training for the upcoming nfl season. And, donald, I've covered you for years and years. Going over the middle in the nfl is the most death-defying experience there is. Maybe until that. What was the fear like when you were up there? It was crazy. It was more than what i imagined. I do not like heights at all. So, they told me I had to pull my own death. That was the craziest part about it. Have you ever screamed that loud doing anything else? I was screaming the whole time. Cially the drop. The drop is what got me more than anything else. Hey, what's harder? now. Training camp or that? That was probably harder. Training camp is easy. That's kind of my focus point. But that was tough. That was real tough. How much would we have to pay you to do it again? Oh, you'd have to pay me a lot. I wouldn't do it again. That was it. One time. One time. Just for " morning america." I wouldn't do it for no one else. I'm just picturing the call from your agent where he says, show me the money. YOU KNOW, rich McHugh did my zip lining. And donald, made him do it. It was tough. We have "dancing with the stars" all-stars edition coming up. It is a packed house. You've seen some of the names. Who do you like? When you look at all the names, who do you like right now? Early favorite. I have to go with my girl, peta. I'm supporting them all the way through it. Is there a twinge of jealousy? Are you going to miss her when you're out there watching her get it done? No. I'm not going to miss her at all. I got to dance with the wife at home now. I'm good with that. If I do that, I'm okay. I'm going to cheer her on throughout the rest of the season. I hope she can bring the title back. That's strong. Donald driver -- we have another assignment for you, donald. You are a champion of the ballroom and football field. And now, water park. Thanks, my friend. Good luck with the season coming up. Thank you. Thank you.

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{"id":17026296,"title":"Donald Driver Tackles World's Top Water Park","duration":"3:00","description":"NFL and former \"Dancing\" star tackles the world's No. 1 water park.","url":"/GMA/video/donald-driver-extremes-17026296","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}