Donald Sutherland On 'The Hunger Games' Huge Open

Star reveals which "Hunger Games" scene that he inspired was added to the film.
5:49 | 03/26/12

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Transcript for Donald Sutherland On 'The Hunger Games' Huge Open
-- my goodness this career spanned fifty years he's appeared in hundreds of roles on the big and small screen we are. Indeed lucky to have Donald Sutherland join us this morning talk all about the hunger games please give a proper welcome to a let's. I really. -- want to have a young stars here younger stars here lastly I would make sure I made that mistake before. And they were fantastic they were so down to earth and they were just so appreciative of the opportunity. To work with someone like you that it's been in film for so long. What brought you to this project because at first your character has a limited role but you were so dynamic they had to increases. No I wasn't because I was -- dynamic it was just because Gary and I exchange some notes about. He's not a bad guy missile. He's the president. -- oligarchy of the privileged Juno and she's the 1%. And all of the other people the people who should be going to see this movie. More than 99%. Gary just wrote the scenes because of what we've spoke about -- respectively. Political such. And you think it's very important for young people to see this because if you don't walk out of there feeling food -- -- and -- argued that you have an opportunity. To take control your destiny and I don't think it's just young people and somebody should -- the evidence. I'm -- gonna go to that movie it's the kids it's not a kid's movie it's a movie for adults to realize it. Enough with the oppression that -- can go through and you were very honest you said that you were not. Familiar with the hunger games -- I -- -- -- talk about the book but -- -- that -- -- it to you had a doctor's appointment and you realize that this was a big deal. -- my -- via the but. I read the script Gary script that I wrote -- note to my agent -- -- does not prove anything for me to do in this but it is probably the most important script. For instance -- couldn't remember where. It did have the the greatest possibility to be a catalyst for young people to. Take advantage of everything that that they've started in Egypt and in -- year the -- moved everyone. -- they can they can find themselves in the they've been dormant for a long dark but I went into my. Where you are covered the articles you know I'm some researchers hold -- office. I went into my dermatologist. And they should what are you doing like you know what could save over what are you doing and I -- -- doing a movie called the hunger games and suddenly the -- room was filled -- people. Let's settle it you've really got it out and -- -- and that's when you move -- -- I wanna play a clip here because this is something that was a little bit. Added to it. -- was a big Barrett in the book these machines that -- wrote he's the most elegant -- share or our director. And Jennifer is them as good an actor and a friend and I can't wait to hear you talk about her but first here's a bit more -- -- -- it's -- Do you think we have a winner. When he me. The -- -- do we three winner. Hope. Hope. -- people can be -- Stronger than fear. A little cold Pacific took a -- of hope it's dangerous. Structure -- As long as it's compared. -- -- I remember that distinctly from the film and he believed to contain it to though he did not but it's very important for people realize that the author Suzanne Collins supported diploma Libya is kind of addition -- to it. Because it just -- amplified when she was retribution. Jennifer Lawrence. You have compared her to Marlon Brando no no no Gary comparative -- road ahead are compared to -- Joan of Arc. Choose she's she has the character the -- that we should please captains. Has the kind of genius of George crucial. Wrote about in his preface about John -- the perfect person for what is -- about her who does at all -- Instead she just hands everything. Conviction need to have as an actress and she has simplicity and she has concentration. And -- his exquisite observation and talent. And she has the ability to generate all of that in front of the camera. Move -- and include two hippies that committed them when she's just lovely she took third when there -- doctors involved all can be said of view and much more but if they cannot just say well clearly this business about hope. You know usually okay hope hope they're hoping to survive they're -- to be alive. That that that exists in the society that we have today that exists tomorrow. Tomorrow somebody on a television screen it's going to pick five numbers. And then they're going to pick one more number and millions and millions of people across this country are going to hope. That those six numbers -- on the ticket that they purchase. Because 326. Million dollars that is at stake from -- -- their cartoon in The New Yorker. Where the two guys in the but underneath -- bridge you know they have no money. One of them said what do you think about the Republicans. Not wanting to not wanted to tax the wealthy and the other -- -- I think it's a great idea. And you think it's a great idea until I bought a lottery ticket and that that the amount that the potential. -- As you are fascinating and there's just so many layers to you know -- -- appreciate. Really appreciative -- and dermatology. I don't Florida political -- -- The ball all the best -- and you are welcome here anytime you have to contented continue the conversation. And for everything you need to know about the hunger games you -- matter what side of Good Morning America dot com. On Yahoo!.

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{"duration":"5:49","description":"Star reveals which \"Hunger Games\" scene that he inspired was added to the film.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"16002164","title":"Donald Sutherland On 'The Hunger Games' Huge Open","url":"/GMA/video/donald-sutherland-hunger-games-huge-open-16002164"}