Donald Trump Attends African American Church in Detroit

ABC News' Mary Bruce and Martha Raddatz report the latest news from the 2016 presidential election.
4:16 | 09/04/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Donald Trump Attends African American Church in Detroit
We move to the image from the campaign trail. Donald Trump swaying in the pews at an african-american church in Detroit. Mary Bruce is on the story this morning. Reporter: Good morning. Dan, for weeks, Donald Trump has been slammed for trying to reach out to african-american voters without reaching out to african-americans. Now he's trying the change that. Making his first in-person appeal at a black church, promising a new civil rights agenda. ? Donald Trump swaying in the pews at a lively church service in Detro Detroit, as he hopes to sway african-american voters. Is there those two seek office do not do enough to step into the community and learn what is going on. I'm here today to learn. Reporter: Trump addressing a largely african-american audience after being criticized for trying to woo minority voters speaking to mostly white crowds sflp what do you have to lose is the you're living in poverty. Your schools are no good. You have to jobs. Hillary Clinton is going to do nothing for the african-american worker. Reporter: Now trump is making a direct appeal. I fully understand that the african-american community has suffered from discrimination and that there are many wrongs that must still be made right. They will be made right. I want to make America prosperous for everyone. Reporter: Trump supporter Ben Carson showed him around his old neighborhood in southwest Detroit. He did get straight "As." Yes, he did. Reporter: Trump's own appearance at the church got mixed reviews. Heart felt. His remarks were genuine. I think we have to give everybody a chance. I don't know if he has a lot of knowledge on how to run this country. Reporter: And sparked protests. No trump, no trump, no trump. Reporter: The question now is can any of this outreach change opinions? Thank you, Mary. For more, let's get to ABC's chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz. She's in Washington. She's host "This week" later this morning. Given how deeply unpopular trump is with black voters is this kind of outreach that we saw in Detroit going to work or is this reassuring to white voters on because it shows he's not a racist? Trump's polling at 1% of african-americans. Members of the congregation he met yesterday, as you saw, did not seem swayed. Then again, no republican candidate has broken past 15% of the black vote in 50 years since Lyndon Johnson signed the civil rights act and republican nominee Barry Goldwater opposed it. Trump is losing black voters and white college-educated voters. He needs to do better with them. A key constituency. Many have been turned off by his harsh rhetoric, Dan and Paula. Trump sat rallies. At that church. Meantime, Hillary's been surrounding herself with rich and powerful donorses. The "New York times" front cover said, where has Hillary Clinton been? Ask the ultra rich. The inaccessible to the public and the media, will it hurt her? It's hard to say just yet. She's had two public events in the last two weeks. Done nearly two dozen private fund raisers. The Clinton camp wants to take this last quiet moment of summer to raise big amounts of money and blast trump with negative ads in the fall. They're also ceding the spot light to him. The pressure is growing on didn't on the be more forthcoming, more accessible, peshsly after the constant news on e-mails and the Clinton foundation. Martha jrks thank you. We want to remind you she has a big show. She'll go one on one with Tim kaine. As well as Donald Trump's campaign manager, kellyanne Conway. Tweet Martha. She wants to know what questions you have.

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{"duration":"4:16","description":"ABC News' Mary Bruce and Martha Raddatz report the latest news from the 2016 presidential election.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"41857306","title":"Donald Trump Attends African American Church in Detroit","url":"/GMA/video/donald-trump-attends-african-american-church-detroit-41857306"}