Donald Trump Defends New Refugee and Immigration Policy

The 45th president is moving forward with implementing some of his campaign promises through executive orders.
5:05 | 01/29/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Donald Trump Defends New Refugee and Immigration Policy
President trump defending his ban while signing new executive orders in the oval office as well saying the government was totally prepared to implement the policy. ABC's David Wright is at the white house with what else the president said about the new immigration ban. David, good morning. Reporter: Good morning, Tom. The federal court injunction certainly casts a shadow over this new policy, initially the administration had dismissed any outcry but today they'll have to regroup. The president still insisting the policy is working out exactly the way he meant it to. President trump is not conceding an inch to critics at home or abroad or call his executive order a Muslim ban. Not a Muslim ban but totally prepared and working out nicely. You see it at the airports and all over working out very nicely. Reporter: Of course, those crowds at the airports would beg to differ. Candidate trump first floated the idea on pearl harbor day 2015 after a deadly workplace shooting in San Bernardino. Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the United States. Reporter: Back then Mike pence called the idea offensive and unconstitutional. House speaker Paul Ryan condemned it too. Some of our best and biggest allies in this struggle and fight against radical islamic terror are muslims. The vast, vast, vast, vast majority of whom are peaceful. Reporter: Now Ryan has changed his tune saying president trump is right to make sure we're doing everything possible to know exactly who is entering our country. So far only a handful of Republicans in the house or senate have raised any objections about the policy. The vast majority seem to be fine with it. Leaving it to Democrats like senate minority leader chuck Schumer who is demanding the department of homeland security rescind the policy calling it mean-spirited and un-american. Do you worry this will foment anger at America. It has. It already has. Reporter: We sought out the gold star father who spoke at the democratic national convention. Have you even read the united States constitution? I will gladly lend you my copy. Reporter: What would he like to tell trump now? Read the constitution. Be familiar with the values that has made us a beacon of hope. Do not make mockery of the legal system. Reporter: This injunction implies to anyone caught in airports right now, people who travel to this country already had boarded their planes in good faith expecting to be allowed in, people who are boarding planes today from those affected countries, citizens will likely not be allowed to board but it's causing a lot of confusion, Tom. This executive order may come up in conversations the president will have with more foreign leaders today? Reporter: That's right, Tom. He scheduled to talk today with the king of Saudi Arabia and also the crown prince of the United Arab emirate, countries not affected by this new policy. Meanwhile, the white house is probably going to have to rethink its strategy, you know, this federal court ruling throwing doubt on the whole thing. A busy weekend for the new president and administration. Thank you so much. Thanks, David. We want to bring in legal contributor Kate Shaw an social law professor. Good morning to you. We know this executive order is already being challenged but in your estimation is it unconstitutional? Well, I would say that applied to individuals who were in transit when this order was signed and who have valid Visas or other papers, very likely yes and that's what the federal judges have said. That one federal judge in Brooklyn, in New York, issued a stay. Will it affect cases all around the country. I think it is intended to. We may see some dispute of that stay but I think it's intended to reach everyone in the status. Everyone in the country. In the meantime, we've seen the video, photos of travelers in limbo that are still being detained. What is their status? What will happen to them. As you're seeing it's pretty chaotic. It looks as shows thicks are being handled in different areas differently. In some airports everyone has been released from detention and allowed to go home. No one can be deported at this point but whether there can be continued detention is I think a legal question that may be continued to be debated in court over the course of today and tomorrow because it's not yet clear. In your legal career have you ever seen anything like this where an executive order is ordered and it leads to some waves around the world. I think looking at this executive order and others felt similar similarly, it looked as though sufficient thought had not gone into it and the mobilization you've seen among lawyers and law professors and law students has been fairly unprecedented so they are going to be working all day and through the night until some of these are resolved. Kate, we want to thank you for joining us this morning. Thank you for weighing in.

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{"duration":"5:05","description":"The 45th president is moving forward with implementing some of his campaign promises through executive orders.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"45123770","title":"Donald Trump Defends New Refugee and Immigration Policy","url":"/GMA/video/donald-trump-defends-refugee-immigration-policy-45123770"}