Does Trump Endorsement Matter?

David Muir reports on the billionaire's endorsement of the GOP frontrunner.
2:41 | 02/03/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Does Trump Endorsement Matter?
Out of that big shake up in the Republican race Donald Trump surprise endorsement of Mitt Romney made in Nevada. The next state to head to the polls it's your voice your vote and ABC's David yours there for -- in Las Vegas. The size of the it's good morning David. Good morning Robin happy Friday to you -- 24 hours away from the Nevada caucuses here of course the big headlines sweeping the Vegas strip. That endorsement from Donald Trump. But will help from this high roller. Make -- difference. Governor Mitt Romney. Nick Romney campaigning into the night in Reno who -- that supplies endorsement. Get out there caucus. Donald Trump came to Las Vegas we -- endorsement cloaked in secrecy it's my honor. Real honor. And privilege to endorse. Mitt Romney the Romney campaign telling mr. -- -- governor -- had previously held a meeting. During which trump offered that endorsement and Romney said yes he would not say just who asked for the meeting in the first place governor Romney. Go out -- -- it is -- were -- Donald choice and national committee was out with this Friday. I like -- fire bureaucrats services doing -- seeking to portray old man in the same light with the same world. Trump hasn't always been supportive of -- right here on GMA with George government -- if you look at his record as governor wasn't totally stellar. His job production was not great at all trump told -- he spent time with Romney recently and has come to like him and now argues that Romney is best suited to create jobs. -- -- Romney's chief rival Newt Gingrich campaigning in Nevada to -- he watched the whole thing. In amazement. I like hiring people. Finding a way to hire people who really good. Indeed -- stepped up his attack on Bobby's comments about the very poor. I'm not concerned about the very poor we have a safety net there if it's needs -- -- fix it -- last night when -- was asked about that moment. He expressed regret over how it came across and I misspoke. I wish -- -- said it that way but of course I'm concerned and worried about all Americans won't Romney's new supporter Donald Trump people defended -- these words to us he said he would protect. The -- What's important to I didn't didn't nobody -- -- -- under -- he neglected it was very unfair reported. Not only did Donald Trump tell me he's defending robberies -- choices on the trail he's also defending Romney's wealth. After all Donald Trump says I celebrate my own wealth he's written a book about it. And George he tells me that he's actually considering donating some of that money. To Romney's super -- Okay we'll be watching for that thanks David.

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{"id":15504729,"title":"Does Trump Endorsement Matter?","duration":"2:41","description":"David Muir reports on the billionaire's endorsement of the GOP frontrunner.","url":"/GMA/video/donald-trump-endorses-mitt-romney-matter-15504729","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}