Donald Trump Faces Protesters at Most Recent Rally

ABC News' Tom Llamas and Jon Karl track the latest news on the 2016 presidential campaign trail.
3:52 | 09/15/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Donald Trump Faces Protesters at Most Recent Rally
The race for president now, "Your voice, your vote," and that huge Texas rally for Donald Trump, thousands in an arena last night sparking a tense clash outside over trump's controversial immigration policy. All for the next debate tomorrow night. Tom llamas on the scene in Dallas. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning to you. Just behind me this is where the mavericks play, 20,000 people and all the cheers were for Donald Trump last night of the tickets were sold out. Not every seat was filled. There were some empty pockets but still a massive crowd and for the first time something we haven't seen this cycle yet an anti-trump movement showing its teeth after the event. What is your badge number, sir? Reporter: Overnight an ugly scene outside Donald Trump's rally. If you build that wall you'll pay for it. Reporter: Trump supporters clashing with protesters. . And all his -- disrespecting us, calling us illegal, go back home. Reporter: Mounted police moving in to disperse the crowd. Thank you, ma'am. How are you? Reporter: The tension started earlier as trump took the stage in front of a massive crowd ins inside. Outside up to a thousand protesters to the trump rally. I have tremendous energy to a point where it's almost ridiculous. Reporter: His Dallas event the first stop in a big city where hispanics make up nearly half the pop is la. His tough stance on immigration making him popular and infamous at the same time here. We have to build a wall. And a wall works. I want them to come in. I want to have a big beautiful door. But they have to be legal. Reporter: His words providing ammunition and even entertainment value to Hillary Clinton. You know, I kind of wish I had that same sort of mentality like, oh, listen, I don't need to tell you anything, when I get there, peace will be breaking out everywhere. Prosperity will be raining down upon you. We will have the new age. Reporter: Not a bad impersonation, maybe secretary Clinton has been working on that. I got a chance to speak with Donald Trump yesterday as he was shaking hands and I asked, are you preparing? He said, this is preparing. George. I guess his life is preparing. Okay, Tom, thanks very much. Let's talk about this more with Jon Karl. This debate tomorrow night, Donald Trump entering it in an even stronger position than the last one. Reporter: No question about that, George. With this debate Donald Trump though faces his biggest test yet. He walks into that center stage wearing a big bull's-eye. During the last debate the only attacks came from the moderators. The candidates, the others thought they could simply ignore him. Nobody thinks they can ignore him anymore. Look at how his position changed. Right before the last debate, trump was the a foreign dignitary at a high-profile event according to an August joint bulletin from the FBI and homeland security. Sources tell ABC news the pope was among the considered targets, and this is what Mike Mccaul, chairman of the house homeland security committee expressed concern about on "This week" last Sunday. We are monitoring very closely threats against the pope as he comes into the united St Ates, we have disrupted one particular case I icpa. Ulrt Ar Reporter: But sources familiar with the case tell ABC news that the not imminent and that the boy's plans were at the aspirational on Monday officialsay sre is no threat to the isws isissing U sialoc ame dio T inspire lone lveswo , en ev children. The bulletin goes on tohown she is not afraid to throw punches at trump and traufrp made it clear he will not hold back from attacking her or going after her record as the CEO of Hewlett-Packard and not holding back at all simply because she is a woman. A lot of sparks flying tomorrow night, Jon Karl, thanks very much.

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{"duration":"3:52","description":"ABC News' Tom Llamas and Jon Karl track the latest news on the 2016 presidential campaign trail.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33764500","title":"Donald Trump Faces Protesters at Most Recent Rally","url":"/GMA/video/donald-trump-faces-protesters-recent-rally-33764500"}