Donald Trump on Romney, Gingrich: I Like Both

The business mogul discusses the GOP race with George Stephanopoulos.
4:40 | 01/31/12

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Transcript for Donald Trump on Romney, Gingrich: I Like Both
Now -- joined by a man keeping a very close -- and the race he always provocative billionaire Donald Trump also the author of time to get tough. Making America number one again thanks for coming back in good morning boy it looks like Iran is heading for pretty big win today is that enough to convince you he's the one. But I think a lot of people are saying right now he's the one but they have a long way to go he did great in the debate should really -- to -- that was a catalyst. And you know very impressed with the -- he's doing I was in Florida as you were a couple of days ago. And the edge of group. -- the -- -- just two brutal. On the very tough time in a very tough -- I don't -- -- -- he wants to win. -- -- You know what's holding you back from endorsing Mitt Romney at this point I think removing them -- -- friendly with both I respect both -- and we'll see what happens but in the very short period of time will be making an endorsement -- -- want my endorsement we'll see what happens but. In a very short time will be -- -- it is today. Not today not to that right now. Hope -- but this one Beckett got a child an -- -- that. You know one thing we've seen we have new ABC news poll out this morning showing that both candidates that this might be taking -- all the campaign on each of them it's about there. How voters view their work experience -- in the private sector Gingrich is a washing consultant unfavorable views of both their private sector. Backgrounds give in this. Campaign that is something. The pres Obama you know will really target in the general election. Well but he's got plenty of things to be targeted also I think that he's going to be very vulnerable -- if you look at unemployment if you look at what's going on with the economy which is terrible if you look at what's happening with other nations. Just ripping us off and laughing at us we're like we're bunch of dummies so. He's got plenty to worry about but the fact is that. They are hurting themselves they are bringing up the negative rating and that's bad. But there were also talking about the Republicans and the more they talk and the longer they talk if you remember when McCain won last time there was like did silence for four months because you -- early. Does not -- silence right now not at all do you think Newt Gingrich should stay and even if he loses big in Florida that's really going to be up to him for me and he must know something that this could be a big win for Mitt Romney today we'll see what happens but. I don't think he's going to be dropping out so fast. As you know the Obama campaign is poised to really attack Mitt Romney issue Bain Capital on Swiss bank accounts. Cayman island. Investments how big a problem -- this. For Romney and how would you -- him to fight back against -- well I think he's starting to I think he showed that in the last two debates he's starting to be proud of what he did he was a little bit defensive at one point and now he's out there are saying look I created thousands of jobs have done a great job. You know -- the one that can do it if you look at Obama he did nothing before it became the senate and nobody knew him. Nobody heard of them I mean he came from nowhere state senators are but a -- -- the president also. This clearly singling in his State of the Union Address is gonna -- the issue of taxes and initiative taxes yet mr. -- rule everyone pays. 30% -- -- think that -- the biggest problem is what are they doing with our money. Where is it going why can't they cut expenses they have trillions of dollars of waste it's been proven they can even get together in the committee and cut expense so. They really have to get off of people don't wanna pay tax they want -- know where is that money going and how is it being squandered or spent wisely. And right now it's being -- and 30%. I think a lot of tax I can tell you that I failed plot attacks Iran and a very big check -- your -- I don't know what my greatest but -- was substantial but I paid a lot of -- let me ask you about this race you know you say you're -- endorse someone very shortly. That means you will not run as a third party candidates -- what happens by endorse somebody and that person wins the nomination certainly I'm not running but. Look I want to see what's good for this -- you know I'm not allowed to run because it ridiculous law that if you have to show you can't run and I have different so I can't run so. I don't really have that option until. -- in May until late night dollars and -- and -- announced as an independent it's calculated as an independent it would be to putting it on the be very easy I mean there's a lot of ways and maybe that's -- going on right now. Would you join this group Americans elect who already gathered the signatures -- another -- I mean they've gathered not for all states but certainly that would be another option and I was number one in the polls for independent people for people wanting to choose an independent candidate so. We'll see what happens in the meantime I can't do much about it until the -- But -- -- your counsel Michael Cohen is talking to people about how to set something well he probably is knowing Michael it would be surprised first things first an endorsement coming shortly. I would like to see number one I'd rather endorse I'd rather endorse a great candidate that's gonna do a great job when the election and become a great president. That would be number one option for me -- thanks -- thank you.

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{"id":15477942,"title":"Donald Trump on Romney, Gingrich: I Like Both","duration":"4:40","description":"The business mogul discusses the GOP race with George Stephanopoulos. ","url":"/GMA/video/donald-trump-romney-gingrich-lie-both-not-ready-endorsement-15477942","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}