Donald Trump Takes on the Clintons

The Republican front-runner tweeted that Bill Clinton has "demonstrated a penchant for sexism."
3:48 | 12/28/15

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Transcript for Donald Trump Takes on the Clintons
investigated. ABC's Alex Perez in Chicago. The rice to the white house. Donald Trump taking aim at bill and Hillary Clinton. The republican front-runner accusing the former president of sexism. ABC's Mary Bruce has more now from Washington. Good morning, Mary. Reporter: All right, good morning, Amy. After a few quiet days, the campaign trail is now roaring back into full swing this morning. The first primaries are still five weeks away. It seems Donald Trump is already looking ahead to a battle with Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump ended his Christmas cease-fire with a flurry of attacks and this new attack on Hillary Clinton. She's playing that woman's card left and right. And women are more upset about it than anybody else. Reporter: Trump intensifying his war of words with the democratic front-runner. Targeting her husband's alleged sexual misconduct. Tweeting -- I think that Donald Trump or any candidate on the other side of the aisle would raise bill Clinton as somehow a negative to their peril. Reporter: But trump told ABC's "This week" he's being backed by a movement. People are angry. They are angry. I'm not tapping into the angry and some people are saying I'm doing that. Reporter: Trump also taking aim at the republican national committee. Blasting the Virginia state party over the requirement that they say they're republican. Trump tweeting straighten out the republican party of Virginia before it is too late. Stupid RNC. Now, these latest tweets reflects trump's distrust of the gop leadership and raise a big concern for the party that it's front-runner could launch an independent run. He said he'll be loyal as long as he's treated fairly. More now on this with ABC political analyst Matthew dowd who's in Austin, Texas, this morning. Obviously going after Hillary and bill works for Donald Trump leading into the primaries, but is this a strategy that will be effective going beyond that? Well, as you said, Amy, it works the one person most hated by republicans is Hillary Clinton. So, anything he does against her is helpful to him. In the end, their needs may go out. And Donald Trump is going to face some real problems if he wins the gop nomination in the general election. Matt, this goes both ways. Her going after trump, any downside for her. It helps her going after Donald Trump. It helps her there in the primaries. In the end just like Donald Trump I think she creates a problem for the general elections. Where independent voters don't like this back and forth. Trump has been the dominant figure in the republican race for 2015, looking forward to 2016, who do you think can change that? Well, you're right, Amy, he has been the dominant figure he's led ever since he's got into this race. I think the only person who can bring down Donald Trump is Donald Trump. The only other thing is, if he finishes second in the Iowa caucus to Ted Cruz, we don't know what happens if he loses for the first time. That's something that we haven't seen Donald Trump face. All right, Matt dowd, thank you so much. 2016 will be very interesting. Let's turn to Dan Harris for

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{"duration":"3:48","description":"The Republican front-runner tweeted that Bill Clinton has \"demonstrated a penchant for sexism.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35971657","title":"Donald Trump Takes on the Clintons","url":"/GMA/video/donald-trump-takes-clintons-35971657"}