Hamill, MacManus Dish on Upcoming 'DWTS' Season

Olympic gold medalist joins her "Dancing With the Stars" partner for a surprise visit to "GMA."
4:05 | 03/11/13

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Transcript for Hamill, MacManus Dish on Upcoming 'DWTS' Season
The huge countdown to "dancing with the stars." The new season in one week. We have been giving you some clues. Not very tough, either, what who is here today. Now we reveal the first dancers. Olympic gold medal figure skater dorothy hamill and tristan MacMANUS. Good to see you again. Good to see you both. Some fancy ma moving. Well, we were -- one week away. You have been skating at the same time. How is your body holding up? Are you ready? I'm not yet. I'm working on it. The juggling has been difficult. That ends now, right? Last night was the last stars on ice show in maine. Now I'm finished for that for the season with that. Now I can focus more on tristan. I'm going to ask your coach, how is our gold medalist doing. Yeah, she's doing great. You can be honest. I am, I am. She's doing super. It's a totally different discipline. To have to do the double duty of two intense workouts a day, i would say, is very demanding on her. Who is your biggest competition, do you think? I don't know. We haven't seen any of them yet. A peek? No, everybody's been off -- well a few of them off on their own. You've been skating. We were in l.A. Last week rehearsing a little bit. What about aly? She's going to be good. So flexible and young. She probably has a memory and i don't. What is the hardest part? I do often wonder, as a former athlete, you think, I got this. You're so focused. What is the hardest part of learning this discipline for you? The movement is entirely different. Skating and dancing. I'm used to the skates and pushing and ing. You would think it would be easier? For me, I don't do well in shoes. I'm sure for tristan, it must be frustrating. He'll say, step forward. And I like -- he's like, no, step forward. No, step forward. It sounds so easy, doesn't it? Does everyone remember the hamill camel? Probably not. They're not old enough. I wanted to do it desperately. I'm thinking, tristan, if you can come up with a signature move, it would take it to another level. I was trying to put the hamill camel in, but it's hard to do it without the ice. Do it on your head. Figure out a way. Work on that. One thought. The first dance is contemporary. Can you give us an idea of what to look forward to? Something. Something. Wow. Contemporary is new for both of us. We're enjoying it. It's fun. It will be closer -- I would imagine, to say, ice skating, than ballroom and latin. So it's something new for her, for me, we're in it together. Sounds like a work in progress. It always is. We'll be ready. You got the best. The best and the nicest. We cannot wait to see you all. Tristan, dorothy, thank you for being our first mystery couple. The the new season kicks off on monday. New details on the cast coming up on "gma."

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{"id":18700870,"title":"Hamill, MacManus Dish on Upcoming 'DWTS' Season","duration":"4:05","description":"Olympic gold medalist joins her \"Dancing With the Stars\" partner for a surprise visit to \"GMA.\"","url":"/GMA/video/dorothy-hamill-tristan-macmanus-dancing-stars-season-16-18700870","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}