Douglas Kennedy Arrested at Westchester Hospital

RFK's son was charged with harassment and endangering the welfare of a child.
4:36 | 02/26/12

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Transcript for Douglas Kennedy Arrested at Westchester Hospital
Kennedy under arrest is fighting back this morning. Robert F Kennedy's youngest son Douglas was caught on tape in a confrontation with a couple of maternity ward nurses trying to stop him from taking his newborn baby outside. ABC's Dan Cutler is here with the latest we have video to show an Afghan yeah absolutely be a lot people talking about this. Douglas Kennedy's wife was recovering from delivering by C section. What he decided his three day old son needed some pressure from the hospital but how he went about it has led to more trouble. For the famed Kennedy dynasty. What exactly is happening in this hospital surveillance tape recorded January 7. A Kennedy air new board cradled in his arm is caught on camera in a clash with nurses at a -- hospital. Douglas Kennedy son of the late Robert Kennedy says he was trying to take his three day old son -- -- some fresh air when nurses tried to stop him. One nurse claimed she called to alerts code pink child abduction in progress and called purple a combative party. First Kennedy goes for the elevator but nurses hold the doors and convince him to get off. Determined he heads for the stairs one arm holding his son the other trying to open the door. That's when nurses claim a verbal argument turned physical. On the tape -- -- Kennedy lift his leg and a nurse fall backwards on the floor. In court documents obtained by ABC news nurse carried Lucci -- claims Kennedy attacked her. As my hand touched the shoulders of the baby Douglas Kennedy raised his right foot and with tremendous force kicked me in the left side of my pelvic area. But Kennedy's lawyer says that's not what happened. Douglass begins to move back and one of the nurses. Actually goes to grab the baby. How dare she does that and at that point Douglas of leaning back like this raises his knee only to protect his baby for no other reason. Kennedy is now pleading not guilty to three criminal charges two charges of harassment of the nurses and one charge of child endangerment. Kennedy -- wife Molly issued this statement it is sickening to think that are simple desire to take our son outside for fresh air. Has been warped into a charge of child endangerment. One of Kennedy's friends also a doctor at that hospital witnessed the whole thing he strongly defended the TV reporters in the nurses. We're the only aggressors in the situation. And that it was incomprehensible. To charge Kennedy with a crime. Be -- -- -- -- gonna talk about that Doctor Who witnessed it coming up as well right now we're joined by legal analyst sunny Hostin thank you so much for joining hands. Let's play this video again except when he -- your interpretation what what you see taking place here. Walking into the elevator. And DEC something happens and her calls down. Is this an assault. While they haven't charged him with assault I don't think it's an assault but they have charge -- with harassment which is a violation and the reason. -- charges that have been a -- is because apparently there's no real physical injury. But at you know I have to tell you having had -- -- myself. In a hospital. These these maternity ward -- sort of like Fort Knox and because of the climate now with child abductions. And that sort of thing they take these cases very very seriously. And I was surprised to hear charges coming out of the Westchester County DA's office. What I think perhaps that is why because we're so concerned now about the safety of our children so -- see this case -- out two very different versions his side and the nurse aside that you yeah I I mean it it's hard to tell he has been charged with violations those aren't a crime but he has also been charged with a misdemeanor and it's punishable for up to eight years in prison. So this is a serious case. He did have a family friend who was -- BI director. They're at this same hospital -- a witness who was a witness who says it -- nurses were the aggressors and not mr. Kennedy. And so I hope this will never actually ended trial this is -- case that I think has been. This seems to be a big misunderstanding and perhaps this will go away for the Kennedys because this is supposed to be a wonderful time for family right it's not supposed to be. A time where father ends up being charged with a crime -- do you think this case will be dismissed. I hope so. I hope so because -- having you know the former federal prosecutor having tried so many child sex abuse cases and child. Crime cases I think perhaps our resources are better spent in another way -- I think it was great to have you thank you we appreciate your time this morning.

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{"duration":"4:36","description":"RFK's son was charged with harassment and endangering the welfare of a child. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15793697","title":"Douglas Kennedy Arrested at Westchester Hospital","url":"/GMA/video/douglas-kennedy-arrested-westchester-hospital-15793697"}