Douglas Kennedy's Fight With Nurses Caught on Tape

Robert Kennedy's son tried to leave the hospital with his 3-day-old baby.
1:48 | 02/27/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Douglas Kennedy's Fight With Nurses Caught on Tape
But the confrontation between Robert Kennedy's youngest son and two maternity ward nurses that as -- Kennedy air facing charges and crying foul. Douglas Kennedy said he simply wanted to take his three day old boy out for some there there is right there when the nurses tried to stop them the scuffle -- fall was all caught on tape -- -- -- -- here with the story. Good morning to you -- as you -- for decades the Kennedys have had a knack for making headlines both of their public service and for their personal scandals this case. Falls firmly in the latter category and it's now playing out in both the tabloids. And the courts. Though whole -- -- -- right on this surveillance video you can see Douglas Kennedy walking down the hallway of this maternity ward in New York. With his newborn baby named -- swaddled in his arms. Both Kennedy -- walking straight into a confrontation. Stepping back for a moment Douglas Kennedy is the -- and youngest son of Robert Kennedy JFK's younger brother. He's a reporter for Fox News and his wife Molly had had a C section two days before this incident on January 7. The new father had decided he'd said that his baby needed some fresh air. He goes first for the elevator but the nurses on the ward stopped him from leaving arguing he doesn't have a doctor's permission to remove the child. The nurses call security. Meanwhile Kennedy heads for the stairwell. And this is where it gets ugly just watched you can see is Kennedy lives a leg. And the nurse. Falls back on the ground. Look at it again the nurse falls flat on her back according to a lawyer for the nurses he mister Kennedy twisted the arm of one. And while the other tried to secure the newborns bobbing head mr. Kennedy kick during the pelvis propelling her through the air into the middle of the corridor. Kennedy lawyer rejects that story entirely. Douglass begins to move back and one of the nurses. Actually goes to grab the baby. How dare she does that and at that point Douglas -- raises his knee only to protect his baby for no other reason. Kennedy has pled not guilty to one charge of child endangerment and two charges of harassing the nurses. The Kennedys who are calling the charges absurd sickening and warped are getting support from a potentially influential witness. And emergency room Doctor Who works at the hospital and is a friend of the family. He was there and says the nurses were quote the only aggressors. However this morning the attorney for the nurses is -- with a new statement claiming he has a new eyewitness backing his clients and and that mr. Kennedy had a history of unusual behavior while his wife was in that hospital so -- back and forth. Really continues a -- into an opinion thanks very much.

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{"id":15799458,"title":"Douglas Kennedy's Fight With Nurses Caught on Tape","duration":"1:48","description":"Robert Kennedy's son tried to leave the hospital with his 3-day-old baby.","url":"/GMA/video/douglas-kennedy-fight-nurses-caught-tape-15799458","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}