Dow Approaches 14,000-Point Milestone

Bianna Golodryga discusses what is behind the markets best start since 1989.
1:08 | 01/30/13

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Transcript for Dow Approaches 14,000-Point Milestone
A big stock market surge yesterday. It was a roar. We're going begin there with your money. As we take a look now, the dow gaining another 72 points. Approaching a major milestone this morning, the 14,000-mark. Bianna golodryga here to explain it all. Good morning to you, josh. The dow at the highest level since october 2007. Gaining 850 point this is month alone. The best start to the year since 1989. We're only 200 points from an all-time high. What does it mean to you? THE AVERAGE 401(k) HAS INCREASED From $64,000 to $80,000. A significant jump. Washington raised the debt ceiling at least temporarily. Home sales are up, home prices up 5.5% from a year ago. The economy is still growing at a relatively slow pace. The monthly jobs report due out friday is expected to show that the unemployment numbers have not budged. Now to a developing story overnight.

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{"id":18352503,"title":"Dow Approaches 14,000-Point Milestone","duration":"1:08","description":"Bianna Golodryga discusses what is behind the markets best start since 1989.","url":"/GMA/video/dow-approaches-14000-point-milestone-stock-market-news-18352503","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}