Dr. Alejandro Junger's Recipe for Cleansing Blueberry Shake

Liquefying solid foods eases body's digestive process.
3:00 | 02/11/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dr. Alejandro Junger's Recipe for Cleansing Blueberry Shake
So doctor -- this is one of the things that people can do. And should do when there on the clean program is one example of liquid meal is different tact and many recipes at. -- liquid meal you can use during the clean program. When you are having -- quick breakfast and liquid de. But once you've done with a clean program enough people keep having won liquid meal a day as a common and long term practice. This is how -- And in the mean these are these are all solid foods that you could eat separately on their own -- -- -- better for the body at least during the clintons. To liquefy them -- Liquid -- is easier for the body to digest. To begin with you have to to data race season but saves a lot of energy from having to breaking down -- -- -- and nothing. The state has some work they just needed but he's much much -- when you do and equipment OK to how to put this together. So Christine you -- some -- -- and a fresh or frozen these are present he had talked about anti oxidant good. That's right into the -- -- or even. And it's important you say that gays are born again these aren't just any blueberries that you get -- many commercials it's important in -- Foods that are we talked to him. So blueberries -- winners and you act either -- new house when you. Which has -- means -- this group or Ruth. Great taste he added the attitude of this -- an author on pleasing to the second half a -- -- -- -- In that gives a good nice flavor. This -- it's known there. Then -- who he's a great opportunity to -- vegetables. That. That. QBI. And even higher nutritional value. And have better consistency that avocados and it's quarterly level -- And then -- he could be any. Green vegetable he would. -- And doing -- clean program especially. Because -- -- the workers detoxification is betting that -- and indeed -- needs cruelty to do. I had -- prompting -- vegetable proteins because good people playing the hand protein. Or it could be brown rice protein make peace with. He that. And it. A good lender is. Great investment. For long term health. And because you want to make sure that your lenders truly. -- fine and sound editors would not give you -- truly. Equivocation. And therefore a great experience. And these diseases. Of course -- many recipes and many variations you can add. Moon daughter blue truck assistance to -- defense proved. Different vegetables. It's fast you can clean then -- really fast. So for breakfast it's ideal. You know -- to have you breakfast it. Not that and to an easy and easy. -- you have -- tools you connect either. Side he told which is issue that is not absorbed into the bloodstream and does not cause Peco -- senior. And so has no connection Phoenix and then you can always -- -- through the ways of making its sweet. Thanks for being crude.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Liquefying solid foods eases body's digestive process.","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22460202","title":"Dr. Alejandro Junger's Recipe for Cleansing Blueberry Shake","url":"/GMA/video/dr-alejandro-jungers-recipe-cleansing-blueberry-shake-22460202"}