Murray Trial: Emotional Witnesses

Jim Avila reveals why Michael Jackson's doctor was moved to tears during trial.
2:30 | 10/27/11

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Transcript for Murray Trial: Emotional Witnesses
Right -- the trial of Michael Jackson's Doctor Conrad Murray moved to tears as some of his former patients testified. An ABC news has learned that a source close that case says defense is confident its last witness of drug expert will expose weaknesses in the prosecution's case. ABC's Jim -- has all the latest from Los Angeles morning Jim. Good morning Robin a source close to the case tells ABC news that the defense has high hopes for its final medical witness. Who's expected to take the stand as early as today. Conrad Murray's defense team believes the prosecution's star witness who was on the stand about a week. May have made several mistakes they can exploit. This is the defense finally gain some momentum thanks to the doctors friends. A kiss on the foreign for Dr. Murray and verbal pats on the back from five character witnesses each patient taking over -- the other left off in their praise that. Man sitting there it's best doctrine -- within two. I've gone to a lot of doctors I have never had adopted that was more care. Never testimony that -- Conrad Murray -- the jury sit up and listens and when this spry 82 year old woman took the stand with a Chanel style bag in one hand. The McCain in the other He could stop -- judge in his tracks. Do you think doctor -- greedy. -- -- yes -- know. If this man had been greedy skis and injured. If this man had -- -- He never would have com. To an area 75%. They don't pool a strong opinion ruby Mosley -- voice to us the week of Jackson's death. Graduating from 12. Hundreds. -- given every bit of that hundred and intend to us. A shining moment for the -- defense which has been battered by weeks of witnesses and attacking the -- -- character which perhaps a turning point. Setting up the final witness today called the father a pro football doctor Paul Light. The key to the defense. Case doctor wecht doesn't need to prove that Michael Jackson gave himself a shot a -- -- He only needs to lay out some plausible scenario how Michael Jackson could have done it. That may be enough to create the doubt that the defense is looking for. Now -- -- -- Conrad Murray take the stand his attorneys say no but yesterday in court out of the jury's presence and away from cameras the judge told him directly. That you Conrad Murray -- only one who can decide that Murray said He understood his rights but gave no indication whether he'll take the stand.

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{"id":14824451,"title":"Murray Trial: Emotional Witnesses","duration":"2:30","description":"Jim Avila reveals why Michael Jackson's doctor was moved to tears during trial.","url":"/GMA/video/dr-conrad-murray-emotional-witnesses-testify-14824451","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}