Dr. Conrad Murray Won't Testify in Jackson Trial

Dan Abrams discusses the trial of Michael Jackson's doctor.
2:21 | 11/02/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dr. Conrad Murray Won't Testify in Jackson Trial
-- -- legal analyst Dan Abrams in Daniel always said these jury instructions. Are -- how devastating. Are these instructions for -- It's a big loss form not a surprising one though. But this now allows prosecutors in the closing argument to go to the jury and say. No matter what you think about what Michael Jackson did or didn't do doctor Marie still -- Because doctor -- created an environment created a situation. Left the material there. That allowed Michael Jackson to do this to himself even if you believe that. The prosecutor didn't stay -- -- Jackson turn the dial himself with the drugs and himself right remember this is involuntary manslaughter right we're talking about. Grossly negligent conduct the question is. Does that. Lead to his death and what this judge is now saying this ruling is. Yes it still could -- have been the cause of death if he created an environment. That that allowed Michael Jackson so easily because as a doctor he had an additional obligations -- by putting the drugs there and leaving the room that could be enough it could be enough OK let's get to. How the defense counters that in their clothes -- The defense is gonna have to try to put the focus on Michael Jackson. They're gonna try to -- Have to say. He's the one who likely did this and even if you're not sure work. That's still an acquittal now you're gonna -- -- wait what about this jury instruction. If mr. instruction says even if he did that well I think in the end this is going to be kind of -- human decision. These jurors are human and in the end I think that they're gonna say to themselves do they believe. The Doctor Murray was a fundamentally good guy. Who got caught up in a terrible situation. Where he he made some mistakes that's what the defense and and could that be why the defense wants everyone to believe -- in any true. That the defense -- was really divided over whether admiration testified defense -- always want you to believe that there attorneys are sort of clambering to testify because the public wants them to tell the public saying. He refused to testify he wouldn't test and -- you always want the declined to make it seem like you one testified. There may have been a divide on the team and I certainly think that Doctor Murray probably wanted to testify but in the end it was the right and sentences -- take a long time. In high profile cases tend to take longer. And unclear. Good and absent for much.

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{"duration":"2:21","description":"Dan Abrams discusses the trial of Michael Jackson's doctor.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14864154","title":"Dr. Conrad Murray Won't Testify in Jackson Trial","url":"/GMA/video/dr-conrad-murray-testify-michael-jackson-death-trial-14864154"}