'Dr. Phil' Coronado Autopsy: Mystery Solved?

Zahau family attorney discusses the family's reaction to the "Dr. Phil" episode.
3:15 | 11/16/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Dr. Phil' Coronado Autopsy: Mystery Solved?
Joining us now from Seattle as the attorney for the so -- family and -- there. And good morning to you thank you very much for being with us -- -- again we're we're thinking of the hands of how family and you you -- -- the sheriff said if you. The family has any new information new -- and evidence based on what they found what the Dr. Phil show. To please present it to them had he done that. We -- he did it before they decide to close the case -- gave new information the writing on the wall with a note she saved him can you save her wasn't hers. That writings -- they had about her supposedly being depressed or from eight months prior and we we gave them all kinds of new information. Back two days before they close the case they ignored it and close anyway but it's great if they want to look at new information is planning this was arrested judgment. Far more questions than answers in this case for also applying to the -- For an independent investigation he said he had plenty of information to give them before the Dr. Phil show after the show that they aren't any thing for you to get to the the police. What we've learned they've had they talk to forensic psychiatrist for which the police never did. Saying this is not a suicide isn't that a suicide is unprecedented in terms of history of suicides. And it -- taken -- -- a -- into arsonists to binder hands find your feet gag yourself. -- -- -- expert -- and -- the site we also found out Marie enactment. That the bed she was tied to -- -- jumped seventy. It only jumped seven point five inches we also learn from a reenactment. That she couldn't find yourself that way go over that balcony and not only footprints and by the way she close the doors behind yourself and also knew how much trouble to take. To hang and not -- program. There's something we have to -- witnesses appear witnesses and -- scream for help from the mansion long before as a cause of phone call that they say she heard about. Maxwell avoided now taking a turn for the worse -- that was a pivotal underpinning for the police concluding suicide she screamed for help long before that. To hear witnesses I could go on and on I know there and -- DNA in this case. Now they and the arson and -- don't know and I understand the -- -- have also said there's this -- bizarre circumstances and it took them a long time to yet reached the conclusion that they did. Of course as a health family there their distraught they want answers but there -- some people that question yet is going on a show like that the Dr. Phil show without the I mean you know why would they do that. It's -- we'll they reached out to him he's a forensic psychologist. And he was very. I thought very -- he's been self help programs and it's a wonderful form for them to get their message out to the public because this is not a -- it means. They want answers they haven't gotten answers did -- a case to be not close -- -- be real men. -- has fallen on deaf ears and so now they're asking the attorney general but this. I think was an empathetic and respectful. It basically -- The new evidence and doctor Cyril Wecht the renowned pathology -- said this is not a suicide. And I think that's so important of the family. They just want answers they wanted to help him on the turnout we all do I know they do especially -- they don't you think you very much appreciate your time he spent much rob.

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{"id":14962711,"title":"'Dr. Phil' Coronado Autopsy: Mystery Solved?","duration":"3:15","description":"Zahau family attorney discusses the family's reaction to the \"Dr. Phil\" episode.","url":"/GMA/video/dr-phil-coronado-mansion-autopsy-mystery-solved-zahau-14962711","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}