Doctor's Fertility Supplement's Allegedly Poisoned

Police say Autumn Klein's husband laced her creatine supplements with cyanide.
4:14 | 07/29/13

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Transcript for Doctor's Fertility Supplement's Allegedly Poisoned
why she's not in any rush to tie the knot with her fiance thuss s sen at t thoreau. This doctor can expected in court today and paula faris has the latest details. Reporter: She wanted a baby. Police say he laced her fertility supplements with poison and this morning a medical researcher is expected in court for the april murder of his wife. When this prominent pittsburgh neurologist seen here in this discovery channel video died of cyanide poisoning her friends were left to wonder who would have wanted to harm the popular doctor? Police now say autumn klein's husband did and this morning, robert at the ferrante is behind bars. Klein who was more than 20 years younger than her husband may have been trying to get pregnant and that at ther husband slipped a lethal dose into her supplement. One witness claims he asked for help but the best and purest cyanide he could get. The complaint also includes this text message exchange between husband and wife the day klein was allegedly poisoned. Klein writing "according to my calendar I ol late tomorrow." Police say he responded "perfect timing." Creatine. She asks, will it stimulate egg production too? He allegedly responds with a smiley face. Police now say they found evidence he believed his wife was having an affair and he confronted her three times in the weeks leading up to her death. Police documents also allege at the rtime he didn't want an autopsy performed. Deshat that an autopsy was performed revealing cyanide poisoning. His lawyer says the allegations are false and that his client was on his way to turn himself into pittsburgh when he was pulled over in west virginia. He's anxious to defend himself, have his day in court. According to documents after making the 911 call he specifically instructed paramedics to send his wife to a local hospital that did not have a trauma unit rather than the one closest to their home that did, george. Okay, paula, for more let's bring in dan abrams. Okay, sends her to the wrong hospital. Buys cyanide two days before she dies and the blood tests show it in her blood. The cyanide is the biggest issue. His lab orders it on a credit card they never use. No one has any idea why they're about buying 250 grams and the lab had reason to research anything with cyanide and then they go and they find this 250-gram cyanide container that had just been ordered right before she died and 8.3 grams are missing. So the fact that she died of a cyanide overdose, the fact that he had just ordered cyanide and that cyanide was missing from the order that he had just made in and of itself is a problem and throw on that all the other allegations, maybe having an affair, that she was getting ready to end the relationship. The fact of the hospital, when he called 911, that he told them that she may have been suffering for up to ten minutes before he actually got in touch. I mean there are all these other circumstances which lead to more questions. This is already a powerful case. Questions of where he was in florida driving back and actually apprehended in west virginia. He says he was just driving back because he was going to turn himself in. But there was, you know, an all-out search for him at this point and basically interwent through one toll booth. They caught his license plate. The authorities were called in. He was pulled over and arrested so his lawyer says, yes, he was turning himself in, but, you know, usually you want to figure out an easier way to do that. I would think so. See him in court today. Dan, thanks very much.

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{"id":19801485,"title":"Doctor's Fertility Supplement's Allegedly Poisoned","duration":"4:14","description":"Police say Autumn Klein's husband laced her creatine supplements with cyanide.","url":"/GMA/video/dr-robert-ferrante-trial-doctor-autumn-kleins-fertility-19801485","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}