Dress Made From Book

Jori Phillips tore pages from a thesaurus to design a dress.
2:51 | 07/30/13

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Transcript for Dress Made From Book
-- great time to get lost in club -- in this. Good case to Wear a book. -- Torre -- -- 21 year old actress and have a career created address not she made the entire address out of box let's. Why -- -- pages from a that's Torres she spent a few months hot gluing them together. Giving a new. Meaning to the German text. -- -- do you think she's joining us -- buys now. From British Columbia may your -- international -- jarring. Welcome to the international version of GMA life. -- would be for revenue and how did you come up with the idea of using tax from a book to create fashion. -- I don't know that -- -- -- the both are you so we're without change either so -- that you -- -- Zocor lot of them. Yet totally agree and I love that you know I'm not a big fan of rescuing recycling so I think it's totally -- And I like that just like text -- text is beautiful I do although I will say as somebody I mean I worship at the altar of books and did you have a mean. Do we've given -- Herring pages out of the book to make address. I do have a response for that. I'm I did get a lot of people saying -- you know they had a problem. TT PU that the world should be coming out of it I specifically chose the hazaras -- there's been -- -- address and an art theater that aren't -- reference book. And what authors you can thank you weren't out of the -- you create something with it and I thought that it would be appropriate he's listening to toss out. He'll meet you the story we're it's a -- -- there cartons sold you can ripping up I wouldn't think. He's my -- I want Ortiz knew that -- -- and for that truck plants are that is amazing grace is -- Comfortable here. Think the turning comfortable. It can barely a minute -- I'm sorry -- -- -- -- sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't -- -- -- you're designing. Absolutely it -- it's inspired it's beautiful. A law that would is that -- little -- with a -- -- bottom Cano is it comfortable where continue I mean -- heard or do you feel like I'm curious thing it is you know five more minutes. It felt their nests in the rest resilient -- will hold up -- half. For more than one where. I went. Yeah. Currently the only planet I think it's -- we thought it -- not a couple times Vernon I'm worried not gonna last forever now. Some media may be one more whereas many guys in jail and it was safe place for the gazillion apparently it easily until it's a want to kind they hate Harry we thank you so much -- explain. Your. And sharing with the and that is our top -- for the day -- thank you have a wonderful that.

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{"id":19816087,"title":"Dress Made From Book","duration":"2:51","description":"Jori Phillips tore pages from a thesaurus to design a dress.","url":"/GMA/video/dress-made-book-19816087","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}