Drew Barrymore's Big Year

The actress discusses new fiance and new movie "Big Miracle."
4:54 | 01/25/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Drew Barrymore's Big Year
One of our favorite living on the big screen drew bear more is always a lot of funds to talk to her about including her -- film it's called big. Miracle cure thank you say they have to save the crowd chanted. -- if you have always been one that we just root for and -- for. And we feel like we've grown up with -- here like this may not have paired up together and I -- send this event and then that's how wonderful they -- me if this film as something that I remember and a lot of us remember it's based on a true story out of 1988 in Alaska saving. These whales and tell us a little bit more about your affair secret. I I think this woman who in real -- his name's Cindy -- and she's a cream pizza -- -- the cat. And sat in the news media have broke this story in 1988 of these three California gray whales that got trapped in the Arctic shelf -- -- black -- And -- she got wind of that and sort of really galvanize his. He now all of that political people on around her. And then the story just grew and grew and grew like Tom broke off that they -- the story this is something that was in his will house -- thing he wanted to talk about at the end of the program and I'm much like today in the strangest of ways there's -- The social media aspect in the way that it was really I think the news is that got people all the focus on -- and grabbed the kids' attention and then they -- -- -- what happened with the whales but then. It grew and it became political and environmental and the Reagan administration -- to get bush elected -- about environmental record and kids wanting to see the whales get saved and so he had to call -- and you know break -- precedents to -- the icebreaker through and that. National Guard in the oil companies sort of this thing and I loved about this story with everybody had -- and -- that whether they agree with H whether or not. They put it aside it should do something to work together. For a minute and -- I -- god -- fat. Any gives us hope I gotta tell you -- -- -- -- like if you can do that to come together for these wonderful whales can't we do that. More often -- -- -- little bit of a clip here OK and your being interviewed. And Hyundai. And net and you're ask why do we care so much about whales -- the united big miracle. Even know there are strong and big and powerful they are vulnerable to. And it just. Makes you wish that you were Superman and you could just this group kind of pot and bring them Summers. And what's heartbreaking. Is that they know what's going on. But they know they're in trouble and they're scared. And we -- for them because there's too much. This. When we get scared -- or -- -- -- and we need help from time's -- A dentist -- yeah I don't know where they are in control -- that it got actually in the water. I did. Mighty cold it Alaska and felt like knives and going into my body it was insane and they tell me that you know temperature was like 3040 degrees method doesn't sound so bad in -- getting like oh yeah. I -- -- -- like the authenticity I do I just want I'm very bad at pretending are faking. Things I really do want a trans -- -- -- and sort of believe in whatever scenario and then send it to rector of this song can -- as. He has -- -- Alaska on this ice flow without like we're working in the snow globe theater that was very authentic to this story. We worked with people and families. You know who -- been an Alaska for generations his you know parents. Were involved in the rescue of the way out and I got to swim in freezing collapsed and water is with the big -- the out -- act that it was great. You know what's also great that rocked that you have on your -- -- will wait for weight of the bring that and I. Congratulation thank you sit here and I'm saying. Yet wedding plans and the as a moving ahead. The figured out I think everyone expects you kind -- know right away with all the plans are and -- only -- it just happened a month ago is that -- not house together weren't there about it and keep daydreaming you can follow any advocate accused Beijing evening and the way your friends -- us and to see you -- -- -- how. Happy. You are -- makes us so happy for you yeah millions watching -- I think that's real love I wrote. Prayer and I his happiness and people's happiness and that Mac ads. You know this is a really positive story and heads into the positive from time and then I like productivity I'm -- sucker for it well that's what we're -- to anywhere the queen of cold just like in style. Says you should get some good and I came here and is wonderful went on to you and that wow. And big miracle will be in theaters nationwide on February 3 -- yeah.

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{"id":15438102,"title":"Drew Barrymore's Big Year","duration":"4:54","description":"The actress discusses new fiance and new movie \"Big Miracle.\"","url":"/GMA/video/drew-barrymores-big-year-atress-movie-big-miracle-15438102","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}