Drew Brees opens up about exertional heat stroke

The football star is hoping to raise awareness on heat stroke with his new campaign, "The Heat Factor."
1:51 | 05/11/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Drew Brees opens up about exertional heat stroke
MVP and saints quarterback and my friend, very easy to call my friend on the same side right now, Mr. Drew Brees, man. Welcome. Not trying to hit me. And you're not trying to get away from me. Tired doing it all those years. We're heading into summer. Got all these kids out there, your kids are athletes as well out there in the hot summer heat and you have an important new mission. Tell us about it. Yeah, so I'm involved with a really important program called the heat factor. And it's helping to raise awareness for the signs and symptoms of ehs which is exertional heatstroke so just remember the acro neat H.E.A.T., high temperatures, "H." "E," exercise or activity "A," acting confused and "T" time to call 911. Kids out there, we're trying educate people on the signs and symptoms so they can identify it and get their kids help in the event something like that happens. Heatfactor.com we put a ton of great educational videos on how to identify it and seek help. If you are a parent and you're watching this now and you -- what should you look for? Yeah, so the signs and symptoms would be disoriented, acting confused, faintness, dizziness and immediately grab that child and get them help. We say time to call 911. Get a medical professional so they can get the help they need. Third leading cause of sudden death for high school students is ehs so we want to make sure we can avoid that. Keep our kids safe when they're out playing in the heat. Your kids are playing in the heat. Yes. Undefeated. Undefeated flag football. Are you coaching? Yes, I'm one of the assistant coaches. You just can't stop, can you? The man wins everything he does. Coaching defense, believe it or not. I would like to see that. Check out a game. Thank you, man. I think it's important. Glad you're shining light on this. You though what, we're going to

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{"id":47337361,"title":"Drew Brees opens up about exertional heat stroke","duration":"1:51","description":"The football star is hoping to raise awareness on heat stroke with his new campaign, \"The Heat Factor.\" ","url":"/GMA/video/drew-brees-opens-exertional-heat-stroke-47337361","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}