Duke University Investigates Noose Found Hanging From Tree

The vice president of student affairs called the racist display a 'cowardly act of bias.'
2:11 | 04/02/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Duke University Investigates Noose Found Hanging From Tree
We'll begin with that outrage at duke university after a noose was found hanging from a tree on campus as the school heads to the final four the university is investigating to find out who is responsible for the racist act promising to punish anyoneehind it. Linsey Davis is tracking the story. Good morning. Reporter: This is just the latest in a series of incidents on college campuses that is once again turning the national conversation back to race. While the person responsible for hanging the noose has not been identified the message to them from university officials is that this hateful act will only strengthen the school's resolve. This morning, an investigation is under way to determine who is responsible for hanging this chilling sim Bolling of racism, a noose on a tree just outside duke university's student center. All: We are not afraid. Reporter: On campus outrage. This is no duke we will accept. This is no duke we want. Reporter: Police quickly taking the noose down after it was discovered early Wednesday morning. But a firestorm had already been sparked on social media. With one student tweeting "I have never felt as unsafe here at duke as I have these last few weeks" and another "It's becoming increasingly clear with each scandal acts of racism that this school was not meant for me." This student speaking out in shadow about the hostile environment on campus. Right now our peers tolerate us but they don't feel like they have to accept us. Reporter: The vice president of student affairs calling the noose display cowardly acts of bias in an e-mail to students saying he can't begin to describe his disgust and anger. This as duke prepares to play in the final four. Members of the basketball team seen here departing for Indianapolis. The campus already mired in controversy following another alleged incident two weeks ago, a black female student saying a group of white males chanted a racist song at her. This same chant that made national headlines last month when sigma alpha epsilon fraternity members from the university of Oklahoma were caught on tape singing it on a bus. The vice president of student affairs saying to whomever committed this hateful and stupid act I just want to say that if your intent was to create fear it will have the opposite effect. Lara. Thank you so much.

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{"duration":"2:11","description":"The vice president of student affairs called the racist display a 'cowardly act of bias.'","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"30060988","title":"Duke University Investigates Noose Found Hanging From Tree","url":"/GMA/video/duke-university-investigates-noose-found-hanging-tree-30060988"}