How Many Calories Are Too Many for A Snack?

New trends in fast food snacking raise questions about making healthy choices when snacking.
2:16 | 06/12/14

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Transcript for How Many Calories Are Too Many for A Snack?
Dunkin' donuts, they're catching flak for how it labels some of its meals, after the CEO claims some the hearty sandwiches are called a snack. Reporter: McDonald's and taco bell. And Dunkin' donuts, ruling out its own men you of so-called snacks. These new additions, some with more than 600 calories each, facing backlash from experts who say, 600 calories, that's not a snack. That's a meal. We do it in our cars. At our desks, and in front of the TV. Snacks provide one-third of our daily calories. And now, fast food companies like Dunkin' donuts are even getting in on this snacking habit. The chain has been expanding its food menu for the last year and a half, to now include sandwiches. Items like fried chicken and a spin on classic grilled cheese. But depending on toppings, some of the items can have up to 660 calories each. Dunkin' donuts CEO, Nigel Travis saying, we're not moving into lunch. We're in snacking. Half of a chicken is 600 calories. That is a snack on steroids. Reporter: There isn't an official determination on how many calories are in a snack. But a spokesperson for Dunkin' donuts says, we are committed to offering a wide variety of food and beverages, available all day long, so our guests can make the choices that are right for them. The concern is positioning these meals as snacks can confuse consumers. And it can lead to weight gain. Reporter: Other fast food chains, like taco bell and McDonald's, are adding snacks in varying calories this their menus, too. What you should be looking at is something in the 100 calorie to 200 calorie range. Apples with peanut butter or Greek yogurt. Dunkin' donuts does most of its business before 11:00 in morning. And the move into snacks is about business and driving people into restaurants in the afternoon. In incan call anything a snack. The thing is thinking about Dunkin' more than just breakfast. Also burning up our "Heat index," a bracelet to keep you

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{"id":24102512,"title":"How Many Calories Are Too Many for A Snack?","duration":"2:16","description":"New trends in fast food snacking raise questions about making healthy choices when snacking.","url":"/GMA/video/dunkin-donuts-fast-food-trends-raise-questions-calories-24102512","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}