Dunwoody Day Care Trial: Widow Removed From Court

Andrea Sneiderman was kicked out of court due to her odd conduct.
2:24 | 02/25/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dunwoody Day Care Trial: Widow Removed From Court
The bizarre trial that stems from a murder outside of a day care center on Friday evening judge. Kicked -- window out of court she's a woman who may be the mistress. Of her husband's killer. If you're a little bit confusing ABC's -- and nine and joins us now from Washington to a connected that's in clarify for 3 and a good morning to you. I -- good morning to -- that's right the attention recently hasn't been on the victim. Or even -- accused in this trial the past few days the focus has turned towards the widow. She's the wind -- of the man shot to death of their son's preschool parking lot. In a -- move for a murder trial both defense and prosecution were united in getting Andrea snyderman banned from the courtroom. I'm going. Prudent. The quarter. This coming after some bizarre behavior the courthouse by snyderman. Right in front of the judge and jury she hugged and kissed one of the witnesses for close friend for the past ten years. Whose testimony yesterday alluded that -- -- may have been having an affair with her husband's killer had -- -- it. After the public display -- told -- outside the courtroom she wasn't her friend anymore. She even went into the witness room after being told not to enter. This is is actually making statements that that's not true that's -- -- You work day. -- -- -- We'll show year. Instead attorneys agreed to bar her from court. But she may be brought back to testify at a later date she's actually very lucky to just have been banned from the courthouse because when you look at it. Potentially she could be charged with tampering with a witness contempt of court. -- new -- snyderman his former boss and her husband's confessed killer. Has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. Claiming he was commanded by spirits resembling Olivia Newton-John. And Barry White to murder his romantic rival. At the center of this case is a young man whose life was cut sort. Rusty snyderman but now his wife her past at her current actions seem to have become the main focus. The prosecution's goal of course is to get some sort of a conviction both -- now worry about the potential of a -- trial something that neither of them want to see happen.

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{"id":15789662,"title":"Dunwoody Day Care Trial: Widow Removed From Court","duration":"2:24","description":"Andrea Sneiderman was kicked out of court due to her odd conduct. ","url":"/GMA/video/dunwoody-day-care-trial-widow-removed-court-15789662","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}