'DWTS' 2012 Premiere: Driver, Jenkins Big Hits

Carson Kressley also dishes on impressive dances by Jaleel White, William Levy.
2:44 | 03/20/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'DWTS' 2012 Premiere: Driver, Jenkins Big Hits
We are joined now by the sensational parts and Pressley survivor of Dancing With The Stars. Their teacher would you -- an alarm about one point six million. Absolutely. -- it's your heart -- February -- about Dancing With The Stars Andy -- that it was the best season premiere ever. I do you know what and when they cast comes out you know I was I'm -- because other not that he -- -- you are. They were amazing. For the highest scores ever for any debut in every -- so many contenders. Back it's totally win it let's go to will -- the last -- -- outside the people may not have seen him. He is tied for the lead -- -- moved out there was something he was great what I love about him to miss much personality on the dance floor. They're really connecting they look like they're both having a great time. He doesn't look like he's thinking about his stance and all he's just doing it. At winged insects won't be a reference site might get past and ended with Ed -- I don't like I thought I thought -- portraying. And I said no I think really good and I was like okay you have to seek weapons don't tell anybody and I Zion -- like he could win I love how she sent me. Cargo and being -- to kids because they -- up to -- exactly. It's hard for the league right now. Think about -- Catherine I won't happen with a total surprise was -- that would he had been a really Catherine haven't gotten room and after last night everyone's loving her. She was so beautiful so elegant really on the mark -- all of removed. I'm accused so lovely like living into theater -- -- -- -- -- that Mary Poppins she's flown down from Mike wherever that. -- his love life is about the fastest. -- worry about that she's so elegant graceful and break the -- -- Be doing the jive which will be a real problem that. That's okay now the one I feel what it's absolutely robbed last night I agree our own driver Donald Driver look at those moves -- -- really thought boy it's quick there were injured -- steps it was very fast. And heat up I was like it was you like -- thanks so mad that she got voted off first but I don't think I can. Yeah. And that -- my yeah she was like going crazy you -- all of I'm so excited about. I just I think they're great and I think there -- scores I think the judges were getting warmed up -- -- You know. They'll try to deal with it looked like they would have a little bit on conservative with them and I think they should have been at the top of the they're going to be around for a -- but anything -- right there. The white -- Hewitt everyone is talking about I'll might hold on apple laid out and I know what it's doing updates every time I Bellingham was. On he is one hot little hot but narrow that William Levy. And I like these one hot little -- and narrow -- -- I want why so many clothes okay. Elian. I was like what we just -- -- we have Cheryl and I said. I'm so little skin. Okay. I'm dancing hasn't really everyone loved him when he -- his -- -- isn't I would like just do that you'll be fine. -- but even Latin was like in love with him we'll help. I'm -- -- -- well I feel like he's. The rob Kardashian. A lot of fans support -- they get better intimate thing you know what I think of the art Pressley all this season. This -- right now I know what's fun fun fun last night Gary -- Yeah thank you let -- -- being compared to her because she's out there valve her partner is a phenomenal to answer here and maybe she's not the most. Most pounded his image as the most fun and show. And want to look at what laugh what okay tonight that's not -- king. She's like 63 years old should not their rocking it he alleged. They think he was rendered on my back really from top to bottom with -- some really great night there's a lot of can win and double blind now a look this is more likely to act like little problem today that they residential have a primary for the benefit. It's just like just like -- like at 87 essential Monday. Again.

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{"id":15960345,"title":"'DWTS' 2012 Premiere: Driver, Jenkins Big Hits","duration":"2:44","description":"Carson Kressley also dishes on impressive dances by Jaleel White, William Levy.","url":"/GMA/video/dwts-2012-premiere-driver-jenkins-big-hits-15960345","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}