'DWTS' Cast Members Reveal Secrets on Twitter

Cameron Mathison investigates top-secret 'DWTS' happenings on the Internet.
0:47 | 03/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'DWTS' Cast Members Reveal Secrets on Twitter
With the premiere of Dancing With The Stars less than two weeks away a dozen celebrities from television music and sports are learning how to dance as fast as they can. No TV cameras are allowed in just yet but back to the closed door dance rehearsals but as our Cameron mathison learn secrets are being spilled. Take a look. One week after the cast was introduced her Good Morning America Dancing With The Stars couples -- -- Revealing information about their rehearsals. On Twitter. Freedom undergoes tweeted that she can't wait to jot job dancing was not a big part of her childhood I had crooked legs when I was little. We're at leg braces and steel reinforced she is -- junior -- -- which is really embarrassing. Jerry Shepperd already embarrassed to balance from across these pants ripped while they game -- tweeted that she offered to -- them. But they were too damaged. Jerry told her colleagues on the view it's going to be a -- season on the dance floor. Everybody had to say look in the eyes Julio white. Gladys Knight -- like I wanna win out win in this and I got scared -- Tennis legend Martina Navratilova may not be steered about her dance -- revealed she's not so tough. Softly softly. Yeah Martina tweeted that the fox -- is exercising her body and to brain and -- her shoes on a Twitter photo. She says she wore high yields playing tennis on the -- There are no TV cameras allowed. Into the -- -- this rehearsals but there are snapshots of some of the couple's -- Thanks to -- paparazzi. Of opera star Katherine Jenkins out on the town with her -- dance partner Mark Ballas. Melissa Gilbert tweeted that her children aren't allowed to watch -- practice definitely -- Eaton and -- violence. -- yeah apparently Max sure cops who didn't watch Melissa our Little House on the Prairie decades ago. Jack -- and he makes no apologies for how TV viewers might perceive it yes I'm just. That's a commitment to do we do we get -- -- committed. No let -- -- all the right reasons I think and its -- And we're going to be good have you seen that side of Max. Ali yeah yeah I mean that that number went thing anger yesterday when we were rehearsing was don't -- shut up I you're talking when she got to. It's new -- me. Melissa is competing against another former child star -- -- white. He played -- in the hit TV series family matters. Julio is now 35 and a dad his own mom insisted -- -- dancing with the -- and she was night. What it -- -- you to -- learn how to games. If you turn it down don't even think you'll -- home thanks gifted peacekeeper -- die hard NFL wide receiver Donald Driver who according to Julio -- To throw marbles on the dance war. Good look nervous. But did not tell it was obviously -- question about when -- -- nervous but really it's much nervous at all. -- -- -- -- -- The series a songwriter and it sounds like Gavin McGraw is also for costume design. -- -- issue up every day to Dancing With The Stars my commute I'm gonna Wear full on car just eggs -- evidence. Every -- a level head to go for it and go -- model William Levy -- no shirt. His teacher doesn't mind. My he's the hottest piece them you know but that they've ever had show but it's. Shipley -- -- vote I am Disney Channel star -- and bacon can't shake it up. What appreciates direction from -- and lay on its. Not that -- -- night and the -- 1973. Remember. Material that is the steps. -- that's -- My mom watches his show now she's 91 in Missouri you can give you some advice for the -- -- the good that. She would probably say it's just -- up the difference between that fox trot and all that other stuff and make sure that girl is nice to you. -- find me there's nearly 820 year age difference between Jackson and and between Sherri shepherd and her pro voucher Murkowski. Appears half dressed in Orange -- Twitter thing. Very good young white entitlement strategy always giddy young ones and I. You cougar is don't -- him. The most common between by the celebrities you ready for this. That their feet hurt -- No it only imagine I'll bet she came tavern and like you you can imagine the probably size each other up right. Yes -- -- who's the great competition. Yet -- they are sizing each other up but they don't actually get to see the competition to the very first camera Herschel before the first live show. All right that camera and thank you so much and of course the new season of Dancing With The Stars premieres Monday march 19. It -- two hour special beginning at 8 o'clock 7 PM central right here on.

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{"id":15856769,"title":"'DWTS' Cast Members Reveal Secrets on Twitter","duration":"0:47","description":"Cameron Mathison investigates top-secret 'DWTS' happenings on the Internet.","url":"/GMA/video/dwts-cast-members-reveal-secrets-twitter-15856769","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}