'DWTS' Fallout: Did Maks or Judges go Too Far?

Cameron Mathison on latest drama as tension rises on "Dancing With the Stars."
3:45 | 10/27/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'DWTS' Fallout: Did Maks or Judges go Too Far?
Well it's been three days since controversy erupted on dancing with the stars and -- Only getting more heated Max if you what goes -- yesterday's off from lashing out of the judge is refusing really to take it back. That He had no reason to apologize. -- a special contributor Cameron mathison is here with the latest drama. From the dance movements people are talking about that -- -- teachers loves this controversy that he's passionate he's very very -- -- that's true so who's right. And who's wrong here well everybody has their opinion. Take a look. I I don't regret thing thing. What is waiting for me to buy my head you know taken me and say I'm sorry and plea for forgiveness have nothing to apologize for. You'll want to call it the backlash from max's back -- dance floor around to getting high. -- Max who ignited the current firestorm of as the stars take sides in the ballroom brawl between Max and Czerkawski and judge Len Goodman. You know -- old news -- this is my show. As governor offered moment -- there was just take it or when you would agree in Indian -- -- emerged from really he's the most popular person in the world and it really is -- -- Yeah. He was frustrated and He tried to really defend. All the pros and celebrities. It just came out a little -- -- the way He did -- the standoff that began Monday. It's been nearly fifty years my -- to get out of grew more He could hear on GMA Wednesday. And actually got -- explain it to do. Jerome Robbins exclusive interview at -- I'm definitely have nothing to apologize for to -- Certainly not carry and you know so she can make all these faces of those who wants but Max isn't just upset about the judges he's also taking aim at a fellow dancer. -- cover has been very supportive of his personal career on the show and you know when you -- judge has been generous with all due respect -- -- had no closer than -- Filed by different grade -- by regulators probably would not be very upset with the judges either for Derek to defend the judges. I -- He has a point but Max had a very good points. And I don't think Derek has ever really being criticized. On Access Hollywood Carrie Ann Inaba try to calm the growing tension with -- We're about and I'm not saying that it's my show the -- yeah. But I am saying that something weird happens every time I Wear red. And she defended her fellow judges who have been criticized for harsh comments that -- -- what -- What -- you cannot -- we tried to be a big to be messy battle cry wiser than the judges allowed to. Compares to animals. When it's nothing constructive that all. I don't think He meant as a negative or derogatory statement online opinions are divided with fans speaking out against the judges and Max. But surprisingly one person who does think an apology to land may be -- -- is max's death. It's not -- the contents. Not the love that he's obedient by the about the fact that he's an older person an older person should -- be respectful. Well I don't think anybody including -- -- is gonna get him to apologize what do you think. I don't think that's gonna happen. You know I think it's it's fairly easy you know under -- to understand both sides of this argument to some degree what I don't get here is on Monday night when -- said to Max that He is 50% responsible for the problems. Of the dance on -- minute which I think is totally ludicrous as a contestant on the show I know firsthand. How hormone these pros work to get people like me like cope like others to to look presentable and I think it's completely -- -- understand. Maybe -- little tension there and people really have fallen on both sides can help -- will -- continue to watch from there I can't.

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{"id":14824634,"title":"'DWTS' Fallout: Did Maks or Judges go Too Far?","duration":"3:45","description":"Cameron Mathison on latest drama as tension rises on \"Dancing With the Stars.\"","url":"/GMA/video/dwts-fallout-maks-judges-14824634","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}