'DWTS' Season 15 Cast Announced

Lara Spencer reports what has people buzzing on the "GAA" Pop News Heat Index.
4:54 | 07/27/12

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Transcript for 'DWTS' Season 15 Cast Announced
So, I cannot resist talking about "dancing with the stars." Today, finally the big announcement by abc. There's that song. The new cast revealed for "dancing with the stars," the all-star edition that begin this september. So much guessing, I know on "good morning america," we were all putting in our best guess, on who made it, who didn't make it. Now it can be revealed in no particular order. Here we go. Okay. Here we go. First off, a gold medal olympian, who won his season on "dancing with the stars," speed skater apolo ohno! . . Remember him? He was with julienne hough, they SCORED FIVE PERFECT 10s IN THE Fourth season of "dancing with the stars." So, can he do it again? Cannot wait to find out. But elvery to deal with some stiff competition in the way of another gold medalist, "dancing with the stars" winner shawn johnson is back. She got the goal on season 8, and she grabbed the mirrorball trophy in 2009. I wonder which one she cherishes more. More past winners saddling up to compete. Our favorite cowboy, drew lachey, who won season 2, hopefully ready to put those chaps back on. That was my favorite. And cowboy on the football field going up against football hall-of-famer emmitt smith. I like how you did that. I was hoping I was right. He's just great. He's going to really -- look at him. He's a true performer. Can you give it up for some hammer time? Never gets old. Never gets old. Also, back to compete on this season is season 1 winner, general hospital's kellie monaco. It will be interesting. This show has really evolved. Since she won. They've upped the ante in the level of performance. But she's up for it, and going for it. And, well, who else, who else do we have? Last but certainly not least, I'm so excited. They simply could not have done this, an all-star edition without this fan favorite, my favorite, she was runner-up in her season, but number one in our hearts, three cheers to the one and only kirstie alley, who is joining us right now. Kirstie, are you there on the phone, my love? I'm on the phone. Hi, girlfriend. Hi, everybody. Hi! I remember when you and i were talking about whether should or shouldn't. You said, no they haven't asked me, but what if they did, lara, what should I do? You said you were very nervous to do it. What made you go for it? They asked me to do this before christmas, and I -- honestly, I'm terrified, "a," and, "b," I'm feeling a pilot and releasing a book this fall, so I didn't think I could physically or literally do it. Abc worked with everybody and they were amazing and they all made it work out. I'm crazy. I don't know why. I'm crazy. I just heard you announce the cast, and there's so many great dancers. I just better take it up a giant notch. You know, I wanted to say, we've only announced the first half. We're going to give everybody the second half after the break. Don't announce the second half while I'm on the phone, because it's making me freak out. Of the names that you announc announced, who makes you the most nervous? Well, I think it -- well, you know, apolo is pretty amazing. And everybody you announced is amazing. Yeah. I'm waiting for you to announce the losers in the second half. Are there any -- could there be at least two or something? Listen, you have to stay tuned. I want to know, are you going to be with maks? And can you handle that again? I don't know if I'm with maks. I don't really know if we're allowed to say who we're with. I know that everybody has their own special people that -- i know that mel b. Is there. She's an amazing dancer. I know that -- I know everyone has their fan favorites. All I can do is dance with whoever I'm with, and hope that I that god likes me. I will say this. You are dancing very well right now. Certainly sounds like you know who, but, we want to thank you, kirstie, that says a lot real soon. Thank you, everybody. Thank you so much. Thank you. She's going to do great. Yes, she is. She just goes for it. She's really fun. I say this, you you and i don't know how they don't put her back with maks is beyond me. That's just fun to watch the fireworks there.

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{"id":16871889,"title":"'DWTS' Season 15 Cast Announced","duration":"4:54","description":"Lara Spencer reports what has people buzzing on the \"GAA\" Pop News Heat Index.","url":"/GMA/video/dwts-star-cast-season-15-announced-16871889","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}