Dwyane Wade: Single Dad Raises 2 Sons

NBA star, nicknamed "Mr. Mom," says Chicago's South Side shaped parenting skill.
4:18 | 12/22/11

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Transcript for Dwyane Wade: Single Dad Raises 2 Sons
I'm Albert bringing America back our special ABC news -- about Americans who are fighting to improve the lives of others. Well you know I think the most of likely mr. mom NBA superstar Dwyane Wade -- wade. Turns out to be even more valuable off the court. As a devoted father AB CT teaching her good friend got the hang would be way during the -- you. He didn't shoot some hoops -- did we get around. So my stuff that's how I get the -- -- and I definitely it was a joking around but really off the court we had a series conversation because he's a serious cut. -- Dwyane -- of the single dad. Who says -- need to step up. He often speaks out against the epidemic of broken homes and a -- dropping 72%. Of African American kids. Are being raised by a single parent mostly moms it's a President Obama even appointed way to a White House parenting initiative. But the NBA standout doesn't just talk about fatherhood he lives it. Miami Heat mega star Dwyane Wade is itching to get back to work. And thank you are raring to go over and go to my Christmas presents -- -- But he ended the six month NBA lockout is also bittersweet. Because wade is also a single dad raising two -- -- America. Many -- that free time and. You know -- we wake up in the morning we'll do some together well they wanted to -- No -- -- -- they wanna do we do it and do that far. Just behind the multi million dollar brands and those super human athletics. Is -- doting dad. One who -- surprise birthday cupcakes for his younger son Zion. -- -- -- Notably spurs without a leg won only dead don't like -- calls -- an hour becoming mr. -- The. Mr. mom says his parenting instincts were shaped growing up on Chicago's notorious south side. He was sent to go live with dad after mom got addicted to drugs and wound up homeless -- wasn't gonna make those mistakes almost -- -- make -- that. You know that I did different. It's part of why today Dowayne lives kind of -- No drinking no drugs no tattoos it's what I bet you wait household can -- -- -- -- -- good ideas who voted for them and haven't put into the way lots of things aggressive team. And wade never wanted to be a deadbeat dad despite a bruising three year custody battle with his high school sweetheart not many fathers fight for custody. What -- you do that. And I was -- and stand in my way of let them know that you know I'm here and I'm going nowhere. On the -- and then I'm always in your -- and -- -- fight. -- -- -- -- He's determined to let his kids know that despite the divorce they have to loving parents no matter what kind of leadership. -- -- -- -- -- My kids love and you know dating days are better when they talk to her. Wade is known for his relentless workouts. Tell the ticket -- intimidated by me right hold it -- -- -- -- -- and wouldn't let me off the hook either. Tell -- that it's. I got my first enhanced if he had a -- in just a few minutes well kinda. -- -- I asked the most sensitive question about the dream team that was supposed to go all the way. Puts up -- braves instead imploding in the closing moments the championship game. And you gotta be another little -- bit -- -- week. Until some unlikely cheer leaders pulled him out of his funk they kept -- and they kept -- and others like I gotta get out. Because of. At that -- -- -- the light goes on Dwyane Wade it will be the first to tell you he's a lucky guy. Not because of his life on the court but because of who's waiting for him and when he gets off. Come on who -- threaten -- while -- -- -- a lot of credit to the people around -- to help them from falling through the cracks it was his grandmother his sister his father his college football coach at Marquette. But one of the most beautiful parts of his story is the forgiveness and the redemption that he found with his mom she is now a pastor. In Chicago and we'll tell you about most remarkable gift that he gave her tonight.

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{"id":15212999,"title":"Dwyane Wade: Single Dad Raises 2 Sons","duration":"4:18","description":"NBA star, nicknamed \"Mr. Mom,\" says Chicago's South Side shaped parenting skill.","url":"/GMA/video/dwyane-wade-single-dad-raises-sons-playing-miami-15212999","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}