East Coast Residents React to Powerful Snowstorms

ABC News' Marci Gonzalez and Rob Marciano track the latest weather news from across the country.
4:36 | 01/08/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for East Coast Residents React to Powerful Snowstorms
snowstorm in the east that brought blizzard conditions in some areas and led to several pileups on the roads. It was perilous and beautiful. This is out of Timberlake, north Carolina. And in New York City, pulling a child on a sled throughout the city streets. Meanwhile, in the west, they are already dealing with flooding and mudslides. There are fears of worse to come. The evacuations have started in some areas. We have team coverage. Rob Marciano is in San Francisco. Let's go to Marci Gonzalez on the east end of Long Island first. Where they got hit pretty hard. Reporter: You can see the huge piles here. Ten inches of snow fell here. It was worse in new England. With some areas getting nearly two feet of snow. So a big cleanup ahead today. In the bitter cold. This morning, millions of Americans waking up to deep snow, strong winds, dangerous, icy roads. Horrible. I'm skidding everywhere. It's ridiculous. Reporter: From Georgia to Maine, buses and trucks sliding off slippery streets. In Connecticut, more than 20 cars and semis colliding in this massive pileup. Shutting down the interstate in boast directions for more than five mourps. This Porsche, I believe it was a cayenne, came up behind me, hit my car. I went flying forward. Reporter: Incredibly, no one seriously hurt. Right outside Charlotte, two hikers surviving the Birt cold and whipping winds after two nights. Rescued. While up and down the east coast, many left in the cold and dark with temporary power outages. In North Carolina, more than 30,000. And in is have a, nearly 5,000. All hoping their heat comes back on soon. With temperatures in many places this morning in the single digits. And that aches what it feels like here, leaving roads icy and dangerous. Already several deaths have been blamed on this storm. Dan? Marci, thank you. The other major weather story is in the west. The big storm is hitting right now. Let's get to rob in San Francisco. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning, Dan. California has not soon an event like this since 2005. Moisture so deep and thick we call it an atmospheric river. The early rounds of the rain is hitting the entire west coast. To our north in Oregon, there are porkts of cold air that are not mixing well with the rain. Overnight, a powerful pacific storm leaving a blustery and deadly path in the northwest. Turning Oregon's interstate 5 into a continuous path of destruct destruction. Littering the roads with jackknifed semis. Buried sheriff's SUVs. State police tweeting with drivers to stay home. In Washington state, a similar scene up and down interstate 90. Fatal, multicar collisions shutting down a long stretch of the highway. Farther south, California's biggest concerns, mudslides, high winds, and flash flooding that is already destroying roadways. Makes me a little nervous. Gives me a little anxiety. This is the San Joaquin river. It's completely flooded out these stairs. Reporter: High surf pounding the sea walls. One woman dead after being struck by a falling tree on a golf course. The ground is saturated. Winds over 60 miles an hour. That continues today. More trees will come down. Still have the ice storm warning in effect for the wilamit valley. Until the cold air gets scoured out. Here's the rain. It's snow at the higher elevations. Lit become mostly rain as we go through time and drop down as far as colder air by Monday. The next 12 to 24 hours are crucial. The core of the deep poise chur pointing right at northern California. We could see over a foot of rain. And in some of the foothills of the mountains, that will cause problems. We have seen mudslides. We're look at the potential of flooding across Sacramento and Na napa. Some of these watersheds really will be swelling. We'll be watching and monitoring throughout the show. Dan and Paula, back over to you.

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{"duration":"4:36","description":"ABC News' Marci Gonzalez and Rob Marciano track the latest weather news from across the country.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44632753","title":"East Coast Residents React to Powerful Snowstorms","url":"/GMA/video/east-coast-residents-react-powerful-snowstorms-44632753"}