Eat It to Beat It: Burger Options With Fewer Calories, Sodium

ABC nutrition and wellness editor Dave Zinczenko shares his tips to beat high-calorie burgers.
3:22 | 07/22/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Eat It to Beat It: Burger Options With Fewer Calories, Sodium
Time now for "Eat it to beat it" and summer wouldn't be summer without burgers. Of course, I love them but many so of today's hamburgers at your restaurant are heavy on calories and sodium. Here to show us how to avoid the burger blitz ABC nutrition and wellness editor and author of "Eat it to beat it" Dave zinczenko. How are you doing, man. Good to see you, Michael. You know what, is it bad to be burger obsessed because I love a good burger. Burgers are great. It's a great summertime staple. Here's the problem. Our burgers have gone from lean and simple to fat and complicat complicated. A couple decades they were 300 in calories. Today over a thousand because they're cheese embalm manied. Ranch riddled and what you got to do is choose wisely. Okay, so you just described every burger that I eat every time I order something but, okay, so what do we have here? Show me how to battle the burger bulge. The first thing is this is burger king and this is the triple whopper. This is a triple whammy to the belly button -- I've never gotten deep with a triple. Remove two patties and still getting too many calories in one seating, 1,160 calories. The calorie equivalent. This is 29 hot dog. 29 hot dogs. 29 hot dogs. On sticks. On sticks. Delicious. I don't know about you, I'd rather eat four of those and safe a thousand calories. I'm with you so at burger king go with the bacon double cheeseburger. This bad boy right here is 390 calories and it's delicious. That will fill you up. Absolutely would fill you up and what you're doing -- You're saving 707 calories. And a lot of sodium. And a lot of sodium. So you go -- Up next. You go to steak 'N shake. A lot of American lays like to think blackened dishing and fire up your novelty neurons in lightspeed. This case a fritos chili cheese double steak burger, okay. Fritos? Anything that has tensile la balances in the title, stay away from. This is 1100 calories and let's look at the equivalent. It is 30 slices of bacon. Oh, man. What have I been doing to myself? What's the alternative. Go with the -- Bacon and cheese double steakburger and still under 500 calories and end up saving 600 calories and a half day's worth of sodium. That's a lot of sodium you're saving. All right. What do we have here? Now we're at cheesecake factory and have the ranch house burger. It's 1900 calories with a lot of saturated fat and say it's one serving of beef but that's bull. The equivalent, the calorie equivalent right now is 40 chicken mcnuggets. 40 nuggets so when you're there -- Ranch house, what's the alternative? Factory burger. Look what you're saving. 1100 calories. 1810 mill grabs of sodium. You'll give me a check and think about you every time I want a burger. We reached out to all the chains and say they offer a variety of options so that the customers can make an informed choice so make sure you make an informed choice this summer when you order your burger.

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{"id":24661540,"title":"Eat It to Beat It: Burger Options With Fewer Calories, Sodium","duration":"3:22","description":"ABC nutrition and wellness editor Dave Zinczenko shares his tips to beat high-calorie burgers.","url":"/GMA/video/eat-beat-burger-options-fewer-calories-sodium-24661540","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}