Maine Governor Asks Kaci Hickox to Prove She's Ebola-Free

The nurse and Fort Kent resident faces legal action from the state government to get tested for Ebola.
2:20 | 10/31/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Maine Governor Asks Kaci Hickox to Prove She's Ebola-Free
Now to the standoff over ebola. Maine nurse Kaci Hickox, defying her quarantine, biking around the home town. They're trying to get her to take a test to prove she doesn't have the disease. Good morning, Linzie Janis. Reporter: Good morning. She is inside her home where she remained after that ride. But tensions are rising here as she and state officials failed to reach an agreement on her quarantine. This morning, Kaci Hickox under fire for taking this bike ride with her boyfriend, disobeying the state's demand she stay quarantined inside her home. She was followed by police in an unmarked car as she tries to show the world she's healthy and isn't a risk to others. Her defiance angering the governor. She told us she was going to do it. She's playing with my patience. Reporter: The state now intends to ask a judge to force the nurse to take another ebola test, sounding off in a radio interview. If there's no signs of ebola on the 14th day, I would be comfortable to let her have more space. Reporter: She's staying away from the general public. The police chief bringing her groceries, her favorite pizza place bringing her dinner. The owner of the moose shack said they were worried that she might show up at the restaurant and didn't want her making that delivery. We got a call back a few times saying don't touch her money. There could be germs on it. Reporter: Late Thursday, her boyfriend telling reporters fear over ebola is keeping him away from nursing school. They told us you were voluntarily not coming to classes. You know voluntarily is one of those things that people might say when they tell you can't come to classes. Reporter: Extreme reactions. Not just here. In New York, reports that health care workers treating ebola patient Dr. Craig Spencer are being shunned. One denied a haircut by the stylist who's been cutting her hair for years. The mayor tweeting, we're new yorkers, we don't give into fear. Especially when the facts show there's nothing to be afraid of. She has been in contact with the legal team about what move to make in the showdown. A lot more there. Politics now.

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{"duration":"2:20","description":"The nurse and Fort Kent resident faces legal action from the state government to get tested for Ebola.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26597628","title":"Maine Governor Asks Kaci Hickox to Prove She's Ebola-Free","url":"/GMA/video/ebola-nurse-maine-governor-asks-kaci-hickox-prove-26597628"}