Experimental Drug Used in Treatment of US Ebola Victims

Health officials are unsure whether the drug is working but friends of the infected are hopeful.
3:23 | 08/05/14

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Transcript for Experimental Drug Used in Treatment of US Ebola Victims
We turn to those growing fears about ebola here in America. Doctors in hospitals on high alert. One patient in New York in isolation and tested for the deadly virus as the plane carrying the second American aid worker completes its trek set to land in Georgia this morning. ABC's Steve osunsami is at Emory university hospital with the latest. Good morning, Steve. Reporter: Good morning, George. We've been following this case for a couple of days now watching this very closely and talked with the ems unit that will be moving this patient from Dobbins air force base to the hospital behind me and removed Dr. Brantly on Saturday. They're taking extra precautions wearing gloves and specialized gloves out of an abundance of caution. Doctors on high alert. A man at Mt. Sinai hospital with a fever and gastrointestinal symptoms walking into the emergency room Monday frightening physicians. We're going to work carefully with the CDC to make sure this patient does not have the ebola virus disease. Reporter: Just hours from now aid worker Nancy writebol will plant in Atlanta, writebol, the second patient to arrive in the U.S. Infected with ebola received an experimental drug in the days of about her flight. Nancy is able to walk around and really the good news was that her appetite started to return. Reporter: The same experimental drug was also given to her colleague and fellow missionary, Dr. Kent Brantly, the sick physician rushed back to the states Saturday. Health officials aren't certain it's the drug that's helping but friends from his aid group say the results are dramatic. The disease is often fatal and there's some concern and fear in Atlanta. Somebody, a nurse or a doctor, let's just say they get infected. You, yourself and everybody agrees it's a 21-day incue base period, what if they go home and they take it to their family?" Reporter: Paramedics moving writebol are not taking any chance, exposed fabric and sheets and blankets will be burned. We looked inside the plans, the same one to move Dr. Brantly. Bleach I'm smelling is because we're dealing with ebola? Correct. Reporter: Many of these aid workers travel overseas with their families who have since returned stateside. Their aid organization tells us so far everyone appears to be haddetty. George. Thank goodness for that, okay, Steve, thank you. Dr. Richard Besser here this morning, as well. You know, everybody on edge given this virus, but this patient in New York almost certainly not ebola. Yeah, I mean what we heard from Mt. Sinai, very low chance. This is around the sixth time someone has been tested like this. They traveled to the region and had symptoms of fever and it was negative. Exactly what you want to do. Hospitals be on guard. We know both these workers were given this experimental drug. Some think this made the difference. You're not sure so. I'm not so sure. This drug is a combination of three factors that target ebola. It's never been tried in humans. In monkeys it was given when they were infected but they had no symptoms. They weren't sick. Here they were very sick and this kind of drug doesn't work that way. It does appear, though, that both these patients are out of woods? When you're hearing they're up and walking about, the Normal course for ebola if you're not going to make it, it's a pretty downward spiral. The fact she's asking for her favorite Liberian dish is good news. Let's go to Dan Harris with the news.

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{"id":24843735,"title":"Experimental Drug Used in Treatment of US Ebola Victims","duration":"3:23","description":"Health officials are unsure whether the drug is working but friends of the infected are hopeful.","url":"/GMA/video/ebola-outbreak-experimental-drug-treatment-american-victims-24843735","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}