Ebola-Infected American is ‘Glad to be Back’ in the US

Dr. Kent Brantly surprised onlookers by walking into Emory University Hospital in Atlanta.
2:50 | 08/03/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ebola-Infected American is ‘Glad to be Back’ in the US
The first known ebola patient in America. Dr. Kent Brantly surprising everybody be arriving on his own two feet. He was infected while treating ebola patients in Africa. Dr. Richard Besser is covering the story fra Emory university hospital in Atlanta. Good morning, rich. Reporter: Good morning. Given what we heard about his condition in Africa, I was as surprised as anybody to see him walk out of the ambulance. Stepping out, seen in a hazard suit. He arrived on Saturday, touchingdown here in Dobbins air reserve base. He stayed in a capsule like this one. Seen here walking in under his own power. Shoging friends and family. To see him walk, which hadn't occurred to me, was just unbelievable. Reporter: Brantly now getting treatment in an isolation room like this one. Seen here in the university of Nebraska Ned call center video. A lot of it is the really important sportive care. Frequent vital signs. Iv fluids if necessary. Reporter: It's on contracted by contact with contaminated body fluids. Doctors are gowned, gloved, and masked. Family members, like his wife, amber, visiting through a glass partition. Watch age long with the rest of America. Brantly's family remaining grateful to those working to save their loved one's life. It takes a lot of worry and care about other people to put your own life at risk for people you don't know. That's what it takes to make this world a better place. Reporter: The plane that delivered doctor Brantly has left Atlanta on the journey back to Liberia for the other patient. No word on when she'll arrive. We hear a lot from people about the decision to bring him in. They say it's safe. Are you sure there is no overconfidence here. Couldn't something gro wrong? Well, you know, I understand the fear. This is a deadly disease. But, these are two Americans, they have a right to come home and receive the best care possible. And it's being done safely. It is what it would want with my colleague or loved one. It's the right thing to do. Dan? Reassuring words from Dr. Richard Besser, who used to be in charge of the CDC. Rich, thank you.

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{"id":24824060,"title":"Ebola-Infected American is ‘Glad to be Back’ in the US","duration":"2:50","description":"Dr. Kent Brantly surprised onlookers by walking into Emory University Hospital in Atlanta.","url":"/GMA/video/ebola-outbreak-infected-american-glad-back-24824060","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}