Ebola Survivor Amber Vinson Credits 'God's Love'

The Texas nurse was discharged from Emory University after being declared free of the virus.
2:21 | 10/28/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ebola Survivor Amber Vinson Credits 'God's Love'
I'm so grateful to be where I am and first and foremost I want to think gas. I sincerely believe that with all things are possible. What the skill and dedication of of the doctors nurses and others quit taking care of me have obviously led to my recovery. It has been cats love that has truly scary my family and me through this difficult time and has played such an important role in giving me. Hope and strength to fight. I also want to take them out a moment to publicly thank my dear grandparents. My hat and my uncle. I've been visiting me here at Emory supporting me and making sure and knew my family was there for me throughout my. And to my family who played such an important role in my hamper recovery. By being there every minute. Every day. Even though you couldn't be close my and dared. I want to express my love and sincere thing. This is a day for celebration and gratitude asked that we not lose focus. On the thousands of families who continued to labor under the burden of the fifties in West Africa. Thank you to doctor can't Brantley and Nancy's right both of home where successfully treated here at Emory. For your donations the plasma for me and other patients. And thank you for your leadership in helping to educate the public about this difficult but treatable disease. I want to sincerely thank the professionals who have contribute. Contributed to Mike here here at Emory Healthcare and at Texas health Presbyterian Hospital about. As a nurse and now as someone with experience would like to be cared for throughout life threatening illness and so appreciative and grateful. Forger exceptional feel. Warmth and care. Finally. My family and I were like that think many people whose careers have helped the famous. As we head back home to Texas we are grateful and we respect who respectfully ask. Forward the private feed my family and I need at the.

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{"duration":"2:21","description":"The Texas nurse was discharged from Emory University after being declared free of the virus.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26514077","title":"Ebola Survivor Amber Vinson Credits 'God's Love'","url":"/GMA/video/ebola-survivor-amber-vinson-credits-gods-love-26514077"}