Putin Won't Turn Snowden Over, Wants Him Out

Russian president says the NSA leaker is a free man, but made it clear it's time to go.
2:21 | 06/26/13

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Transcript for Putin Won't Turn Snowden Over, Wants Him Out
And now, to the latest on the international standoff over nsa leader edward snowden. He's still in moscow at this hour. President putin defying the u.S., Saying the russians will not turn him over. Also telling snowden publicly, it's time to go. Brian ross has been tracking all of the latest. Reporter: Putin is a former lieutenant colonel in the kgb. And u.S. Officials say there's little doubt he's enjoying the plight of the u.S. Powerless to stop the 30-year-old snowden. There is no scheduled flights to havana from moscow today, giving u.S. Authorities another day to press for snowden to be sent home. Would you think that based on law enforcement cooperation, ways that we can have a return notwithstanding that we don't have an extradition treaty. Reporter: The president vladimir putin is going out of his way to flatly reject the request to send snowden back to the u.S. He told reporters on a trip to finland, mr. Snowden is a free man. The faster he chooses his ultimate destination, the better for us and for him. Russian authorities say snowden remains hidden this morning, somewhere in the airport's transit area. A place of v.I.P. Lounges, duty-free shops. And reporters were dodging russian police, trying to find snowden. You have to be careful here. We've been warned twice about being at the airport. He was reported to stay somewhere in this hotel behind me. We asked the hotel. They haven't seen him. We checked ourselves. But there's no sign of him. Reporter: Snowden has been in russia, now, for three, full days. And a former top fbi spy-catcher, said snowden's arrival in moscow was a gift for russian intelligence agencies, who have no interest in helping their rivals at the fbi or cia. There's no way he's going to be in that airport and they're not going to find a way to talk to him. He has access to computers. Reporter: Putin said this snowden matter should not affect relations with the u.S. Saying it was a minor distraction. Or as he put it, the same as shearing a piglet, a lot of screaming but very little wool.

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{"id":19491891,"title":"Putin Won't Turn Snowden Over, Wants Him Out","duration":"2:21","description":"Russian president says the NSA leaker is a free man, but made it clear it's time to go.","url":"/GMA/video/edward-snowden-nsa-leaks-putin-turn-snowden-19491891","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}