Egg McMuffin Breakfast Sandwich Turns 40

McDonald's executive chef Dan Coudreaut reveals how to make your own at home.
3:00 | 09/04/12

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Transcript for Egg McMuffin Breakfast Sandwich Turns 40
-- -- The top secret techniques for making. Said sandwich from McDonald's -- -- and by the way happy birthday it turns forty. Right now we -- gonna show you how to make your own resident called in just a minute but first here's a look at how the game so very delicious. McDonald's itself -- -- breakfast it's been forty years since McDonald's first opened its doors to early riser. -- -- -- Breakfast at -- And since then golden arches -- Donald Gina king of practice damages the magnetic moment. -- -- -- even bother covered with keys and Canadian bacon hot and English muffin that's buttered and don't think people -- that. Today Americans -- millions of these each year. -- love you. And I. Things here that -- -- must have boyfriends. So what do you the secret to his signature sandwich next while you're about to find out. And joining me out Jeff Dantre drug McDonald's executive chef -- -- Director for culinary innovation who will show us how to make. The picture perfect home version of the -- but let's start with that perfectly circular and absolutely that's probably one question I get mostly how to get naked and -- happened. Well I'll tell you it's this little ring mold and this is actually how it started with her because when we first came up with a forty years ago. This could get a -- we have put this down when trying to get a -- -- -- first what we're gonna. I am a little bit of -- -- -- here this has a little bit what would give verses where cracking -- But I like to do is cracking eggs inside the couple -- -- -- exceeded shells like apple and around Baghdad and we'll put BA again. Right -- we do you wanna cracked -- feel a little bit. There you know why not a great -- cannot -- -- make it look a little bit faster and it also get to that killed ten of -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It didn't last as well I love so this got to take about three minutes ago so we can't let that go for a bit and then we'll do the hand we'll get back to the McCain and -- isn't. Anything to do it it is an ebitda I -- -- -- -- would -- the restaurant where do you put a hand yesterday had a good. Cheating it'd take this ringing I don't know that I hardly get a little wing -- have had just cut out. Now we got that perfect little. Yeah. Very easily mimic other -- -- half built one set up a little bit and let's get one of our English muffins -- -- on -- -- they're different and and posted that looks great -- -- so what will happen first and I. But the key jumper as if she's the number right and then what this man that's warming up here. That also is so it's on -- bride -- Coach big sums in the middle exactly a little bit receiving help that -- fast and now we're gonna put the -- -- on -- here. I -- -- united you know something. You caught me. Just a little little travel via -- When -- go back -- top tens -- hundred. He's coming -- -- healthy right now mom myself -- -- you get a it is we're gonna do not let your right. And so we're just getting to assemble. An. Adult daughter look at us -- Don't forget about it and yet -- really -- -- 330 seconds point nine seconds on the clock I would imagine it has some apartment damages that he gets -- rock bottom. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let me yeah. Okay. Okay. Okay. Yeah. -- -- Yeah I'm -- I'm got to San. Josh has three perfect -- is.

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{"id":17147895,"title":"Egg McMuffin Breakfast Sandwich Turns 40","duration":"3:00","description":"McDonald's executive chef Dan Coudreaut reveals how to make your own at home.","url":"/GMA/video/egg-mcmuffin-breakfast-sandwich-turns-40-17147895","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}