Egyptian Antiques at Risk Due to Political Clashes

The country's museums are vulnerable during the violent protests.
4:01 | 08/18/13

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Transcript for Egyptian Antiques at Risk Due to Political Clashes
We're gonna -- overseas now that escalating crisis in Egypt a key American ally that country's interim prime minister is considering a drastic move to end the violence. By disbanding the Muslim Brotherhood threatening only two enraged protesters and -- to the bloodbath hundreds believed to be killed in the last week alone and now there is concern over the fate of priceless antiquities. Being destroyed of the country's museums. ABC's Mohammad -- -- keeping a close signed the developments from Cairo Mohammed. Good morning beyond of the Muslim Brotherhood here is continuing its defiance announcing several more protest marches. As planned all of them set to begin within the next few hours. This morning -- -- woke up to this the heaviest police presence we've seen here in days. The army's armored vehicles on every major street you've been here regarding tough career square the famous -- so central to Egypt's democratic revolution two years ago. This comes as the ongoing violence continues to spiral out of control with angry civilians now taking up arms against the Muslim Brotherhood. In this video watch this will be here in black she's a Muslim Brotherhood supporter who's just been released from a mosque. In less than thirty seconds -- she's surrounded by an angry mob then attacked. The military intervened to keep -- -- many Christians are also afraid we'll read more churches like this one will be attacked. This man guarding the church in Cairo telling us earlier -- you -- will of course I'm worried but I'm ready to protect this church with my life. Even Egypt's ancient treasures aren't safe these photos show looting and destruction at the Malawi national museum in the city of mania. Glass cases smashed an agent sarcophagus on the ground and priceless statues destroyed. Now the government here is justifying the crackdown saying that police have been showing restraint and that this is a war on terror. Against Islamic militants who are bent on overthrowing this country. -- -- -- -- -- -- Mohamed thank you all the unrest in Egypt is proving to be a tough test for the Obama administration. Post. And NBC's this week George Stephanopoulos joins the discussion good morning George. No wonder people are saying why -- that the US doing more is the concern in the betting on the wrong horse. So I think the real concern is there may not be a good horse in this fight you know for months -- -- Muslim Brotherhood was in charge if they've been elected United States pressed them to be more inclusive to open up. The governing process they've ignored United States the military comes in the United States presses them not to have violent crackdowns. There -- ignored as well this is here so far. President Obama has avoided suspending military -- TJ because he wants to maintain our influence but if this continues at the military continues to ignore you is pleased to -- -- the violence they may have no choice to suspended. At -- the embassy there in Cairo is closed today because of the escalating violence and want to turn back to domestic policy the president wrapping up his vacation at Martha's Vineyard we have images of him. Playing golf yesterday with Larry -- -- but aside from him being on vacation he's coming back to a lofty. -- administration and he's got. Immigration reform gun control a deficit deal him. What if any can -- accomplish. Well -- -- the -- he's got a big fall coming up which is why he cut his vacation short the only when he days this year instead of the normal two weeks and and the big problem for the president. Right now as are facing three. Showdowns. With the congress over shutting down the government over the debt limit over this sequester which is already led to severe cuts in government funding. And the president has precious little leverage there as well but he believes and the White House believes. That the Republican Party -- -- seen in an even weaker position that if they shut -- the government -- their calls to defund. Obama care -- will relegate themselves a minority status for generation. They really do have a lot on the -- both domestically and internationally all right George thank you are thought to be sure to join in Georgia for all the latest on the crisis in Egypt coming up on this week.

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{"id":19993174,"title":"Egyptian Antiques at Risk Due to Political Clashes","duration":"4:01","description":"The country's museums are vulnerable during the violent protests.","url":"/GMA/video/egyptian-antiques-risk-due-political-clashes-19993174","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}