Election 2012: Both Romney, Obama Campaigns Believe They'll Win

Matthew Dowd, Nicolle Wallace and Donna Brazile discuss the campaigns on the eve of the election.
3:00 | 11/05/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Election 2012: Both Romney, Obama Campaigns Believe They'll Win
I'm back here with our powerhouse political team. We're going to be here tomorrow night all night long. I want to start with matt dowd on the electoral map, matt. Jake tapper just mentioned the president's schedule for today. And that is his path for 270 electoral votes. Wisconsin -- wisconsin, iowa and ohio. That gets him to the 271 he needs even if mitt romney wins all the other battleground states. Look at that right there. Even if he wins nevada and colorado and north carolina, virginia, florida, new hampshire. He can get there. That's the difficulty that the romney campaign is faced with, the path of winning this electoral college is so tight, it's almost as if you have to draw inside straight tomorrow in what's going to happen in the race. And he has to, in my view, if you take a look at ohio, florida and virginia, mitt romney basically has to go 3 for 3 in those states in order to win this race. Right. The only way he can get around that, somehow if he wins, all his path in winning, virginia, north carolina and florida. Let's say he didn't get ohio and wins withes with. Then he's got to run the table. Nevada, and ohio. Finally, the long ball, pennsylvania. If they can get pennsylvania, it changes the maps entirely. But having been through this before, the day before an election, the interesting thing, both sides are convinced they're going to win. Both sides. Do you still believe that? I still believe they're convinced they're going to win because they both believe it's going to be about turnout. It obviously favors the president right now. Both campaigns believe they're going to win. Nicole, you talk a lot to the romney campaign, one of the reasons they believe they're going to win because they believe they have a big advantage with the independent voters? That's right. And they believe despite the interruption and momentum caused by the tragic storm that hit us here on east coast. They believe they've had the momentum since the debate's ended and recaptured their candidates mojo, if you will. They see the enthusiasm. 30,000 people at a rally in pennsylvania. I've been to many rallies in pennsylvania with more than one candidate and that's a big crowd by any measure for either party. I know ed gillespie talked with you about the extended map. Donna brazile, you were there with al gore in 2000. The big difference in 2000 for the democrats is the sophistication of that turnout machine that president obama has built? George, they call it a sandwich program. This is found in the so-called swing voters. The persuadable voters. The base voters, the independent voters. This is a campaign that had 5,100 satellite offices all across the battleground states. They're targeting people where they live, where they're eating, where they're shopping, where they play. To get people out to vote. 28% of the so-called new voters they've registered, 1.8 million americans, they've cast their ballots. Now one of the things we've seen, the amount of people who voted before election day. By the time the polls open tomorrow, 40% or better of the american public, even more in the bablgts ground states who have already voted? Nearly 50 million people have voted before the actual super bowl which is what we're looking at tomorrow. It's changed the nature of how you campaign and how things are organized and it's also changed how you judge momentum. Ful they haven't banked the votes in the states already, even with momentum in the final day or two, they may lose this race. Finally, I heard from donna brazile and matthew yesterday. Your final prediction? I'm going to predict that mitt romney takes ohio. If he does that and everything else he needs to do, I think he can win. Okay. We'll be here all night long as results come in. Diane sawyer and I anchor beginning at 7:00 eastern.

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{"id":17641519,"title":"Election 2012: Both Romney, Obama Campaigns Believe They'll Win","duration":"3:00","description":"Matthew Dowd, Nicolle Wallace and Donna Brazile discuss the campaigns on the eve of the election.","url":"/GMA/video/election-2012-resuts-mitt-romney-romney-president-obama-17641519","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}