The All-Electric DeLorean

Bill Weir goes to Houston to test drive the all-electric DeLorean.
3:00 | 11/01/11

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Transcript for The All-Electric DeLorean
Oh -- blue -- ABC news Nightline and this could be big remember the Delorean. Rob doc brown took us back to the future with the flux capacitor well. This eighties icon is back on the cutting edge because the -- Has gone electric. Since the company went under in the mid eighties are about seven. Thousand of these stainless steel conversation starters left around the world. And when they need fixing the man to call -- Steven -- He's a British mechanic who moved to Houston bought up all the spare parts and cells about a half dozen re manufactured Delorean -- year. -- between 67000. Bucks. After seeing the all electric house to make such as flash he had. Why not convert these cars to plug -- all the cards here. Were manufactured. The original production line is -- an everyday driver. Most people have them as they too sweet day -- -- cyclical the decision to take these electric. It's so interest it's so ironic I mean this this symbol of eighties excess a lot of ways -- You think there is a earth conscious market for it now. We're trying to do something different you know would try to deliver some cool electrical and you know there -- you know the leaf is a great call. The -- is a great call. -- -- -- -- And that's what we wanted to bring to the marketplace it seems like there's a lot of competing ideas for batteries. Obviously. The factories is the -- to do. You plug this right into -- outlet at all yes. Leading to a regular want definitely. -- hopeful the -- to be. This political what I was for a full -- would field but. And the -- how far the -- right 47200. Miles so this is it this is the better. Well this is the battery pack at the -- we have more -- and obviously the move it down here in the transmission. The lightest for access yeah. So we've put on the Miami Vice soundtrack in -- -- has been let's there all right. They're -- open this thing up for me now. Bush Margaret McBride and have an iPhone dock but he didn't get one now even with the flux capacitor -- It's broken hand -- in 82 Delorean but women's betting that his. And technology. This -- a second life. Very cool what oil and electric Delorean tonight. Ultimately we know about. Quarter ask who these tables in next time. -- --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Bill Weir goes to Houston to test drive the all-electric DeLorean.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14854862","title":"The All-Electric DeLorean","url":"/GMA/video/electric-delorean-14854862"}